RM and RMP Series - Soft and Hard Milling of Industrial Racks

We offer a full range of rack milling machines for the manufacture of soft and hardened racks. High-precision rack milling options are available.


Rack length, max.
2,500 mm
Module, max.
12 mm
Rack clamping face width, max.
350 mm 

Tailored to Your Application

Our modular rack milling machines come in different sizes and lengths, tailored to your application, to provide the most efficient solution for your rack manufacturing task.

Power Milling for The Most Demanding Tasks

The RMP Series of Power Milling Machines features powerful milling heads and is fit for the most demanding tasks like milling of large module racks or finish cutting of hardened racks.

Hard Rack Milling

 Gleason's RMP series can substitute rack grinding by finish milling of hardened racks, providing a comparable level of accuracy while significantly cutting cycle times.

Plastic Racks

Can be used for a wide variety of applications.


We provide a complete rack manufacturing system from one source including clamping systems and cutting tools.

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