P Series - Shaping Machines for Large Gears up to 3,200 mm

Designed for workpiece diameters of up to 3,200 mm, our large gear shaping machines ensure fast and economical production of large external and internal gears - especially suited for specific workpiece geometries or highly flexible production environments. Larger machines are available on request.


Workpiece diameter, max.  3,200* mm
Module, max. 24 mm
Stroke length, max. 600 mm 

*larger machines available on request

Proven Platform

The large shaping machine platform operates with unsurpassed rigidity, stability and reliability in hundreds of production environments worldwide.

Higher Accuracies

The unique design of the machine structure in combination with its specific guide design and backlash-free drives ensures more precise movements across the complete speed range.

Flexible Expansion

The modular design allows for combinations of different bed and table sizes as well as expansion into larger radial travels.

Versatile Shaping Heads

The large P Series features mechanical and hydraulic shaping heads for different stroke lengths and high machining forces.

Helical Guide Changed in Little Time

The unique design of the hydrostatic spindle guide allows for minimum changeover time between straight and helical guides. For more flexibility choose the Gleason ES Option.

More Flexibility – The Revolutionary ES Option

Electronic Shaping Technology (ES) allows the operator to change the workpiece helix angle by simply entering the required values in the dialog program. The software calculates all the necessary machine settings for you! 

The Gleason Electronic Helical Guide

Simple Operation

Dialog-guided input enables operators to rapidly change from one workpiece to the next. New jobs are entered while the existing job is still in production.

Tool Change

The optional tool changer allows shaper cutters to be changed faster for a higher level of productivity – also well suited to machine multiple gears on one workpiece with less effort.

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