Straight Bevel Gear High Speed Cutting and Grinding

Jan 21, 2013

Today’s CONIFLEX manufacturing on CNC controlled Free-Form-Machines is not only the conversion of old fashioned straight bevel gears from outdated mechanical machines to more recent equipment.

CONIFLEX®Plus is a complete revitalization of straight bevel gears. To support calculation and optimization, a new software package was developed allowing the generation theoretical flank forms which are used to conduct virtual tooth contact analysis to predict roll performance. This new software enables the user to develop modern FORMATE designs next to the common generated straight bevel gears. It is also possible to develop internal ring gears and Hirth style couplings for special applications. The new software generates nominal data for coordinate measurement and a new correction package delivers corrective settings in order to establish closed loop manufacturing.

The manufacturing process utilizes CONIFLEX®Plus stick blade cutter heads in a high speed, dry PowerCutting® environment. Cutting of straight bevel gears with this process in not only very fast but also environmentally friendly. Surface finish, flank form and spacing quality of the CONIFLEX®Plus manufactured gears are superior to the straight bevel gears of the past.

With CBN coated grinding wheel technology it is now also possible to grind straight bevel gears after heat treatment. This opens the door to many new applications, where the advantages of straight bevel gears in combination with highest finish accuracy are desired.

The technical paper on CONIFLEX®Plus covers the specifics of all new straight bevel developments; it shows examples and features several tables and diagrams of the new, revolutionary manufacturing process.

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