Increase The Productivity of Your Gleason ZH 250 Power Honing Machine.

Aug 1, 2013

In developing our newest gear honing machine, the 150SPH Power Honing Machine, Gleason has identified a number of process improvements that may be applied to your existing ZH 250 with Siemens 840D controls, increasing the performance of your machine.

Machine set-up time is the time in which no work can be processed on a machine, yet the machine asset still represents a cost to your company. In order to keep this time as short as possible Gleason has developed the "Gleason First Dressing Cycle".

It enables you to reduce by as much as 50% the initial set-up time after changing to a new honing wheel when using Gleason Opti-Form® Honing Wheels.  These honing wheels have been roughly pre-dressed by Gleason and when used in conjunction with our new Software Option ”Gleason First Dressing Cycle“, allow you to realize this decisive time and cost advantage.

The machine honing software calculates the necessary amount of material to be dressed from the wheel and performs the Special Cycle. This type of Dressing Cycle is different from the standard Dressing Cycle of the machine and is fully automatic, requiring no operator attendance

Please contact your Gleason representative to learn more about how the Gleason First Dressing Cycle can benefit your ZH 250 gear honing operations.

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