Improve the Performance of your Gleason ZS Gear Shaving Machine

Feb 13, 2014

The popular Gleason ZS Series Gear Shaving Machines have been successfully installed throughout the world.   Like all machine tools, key elements and components require periodic overhaul to maintain peak performance of the machine and the process.  Depending on your daily hours of operation and many other factors, a typical gear shaving machine needs some degree of overhaul after 8 to 14 years of operation.

Do you find that dimensional corrections seem to affect the workpiece only after several entries into the menu, but then accumulate all at once?  It may be time for an overhaul of the tailstock pairs.

Do you detect that corrections of the tooth flanks are not efficient in an aggressive way, and lift-off behavior fluctuates?  It may be time for an overhaul of the shaving head.

The good news is that relatively simple but very effective replacement of some key mechanical elements can return your gear shaving machine to its original performance level. 

Our Gleason-Hurth facility in Munich, Germany has many years of gear shaving machine and process experience.    With a new dedicated retrofit facility and the latest test stands, we are able to execute effective and short cycle times.   Retrofits are covered as new assemblies with manufacturer warranty, and if necessary we can offer exchangeable components to reduce on-site repair time to 1-2 days.

In addition to replacement of key mechanical components, Gleason also performs complete machine overhauls of the ZS series, at your choice of three levels:  Partial overhaul, controls upgrade, or a complete overhaul with manufacturer warranty.

Don’t lose precious time and productivity, because you cannot afford anything less than 100% performance. Contact Gleason.  We will be happy to assess your needs.