Gleason Metrology Systems in the News

Jan 8, 2014

To say Gleason Metrology Systems Corp. is a niche manufacturer would be an understatement.

With only 70 employees in West Carrollton, the company touts itself as the second largest producer of analytical gear inspection systems in the world and is poised to gain even more market share during the next few years.

Gleason Metrology has added about 20 people during the last two years — in which it saw double-digit revenue growth — and just unveiled a new product that was three years in development, said Doug Beerck (pronounced Burk), the company’s vice president and general manager.

Although he declined to speculate on growth this year, Beerck was cautiously optimistic as its parent company, Rochester, N.Y.-based Gleason Works, pushes into places such as Russia, Eastern Europe and Turkey.

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