Расчет и оптимизация валов и подшипников

Дата 27 - 30 апр 2020 8:30 am - 12:00 pm
Язык Английский
Уровень Базовый, Продвинутый
Процесс Программное обеспечение для проектирования
Поставщик KISSsoft AG
Число участников 8
Price Tags 1000 Евро

Shaft and Bearing Calculation and Optimization

This 2-day training for shaft and bearing design focuses on sizing and optimization of shafts and their supports using the calculation modules in KISSsoft and learning about the underlying theory of the calculation procedures.

The target audience are engineers working in gear transmission design or manufacturing.




The objective of the first day is to understand the input fields including the underlying theory, the messages created during the calculation process and how to interpret the results in graphics and reports.

The second part goes deeper into the sizing and optimization of shafts and bearings. The extended calculation possibilities in KISSsoft such as coaxial shaft systems, thermally critical speed and even tooth trace modifications based on shaft deflection will be explained. The determination of bearing service life and stiffness will occupy a significant part. Participants will get an insight into different service life calculation methods including inner geometry, taking into account bearing stiffness and tilting under load and even contact stress in ring material.

The full schedule is provided in the training program.



You will need a notebook to actively participate in the training course. If you do not have a notebook, we are happy to provide one. Please tick the relevant part of the registration form under "Participant Information" in your shopping cart.
Hardware and software requirements

Registration will close 21 April 2020. An USB stick with a current test version and electronic training documentation will be provided at the beginning of the training. If you wish to receive the training documentation in printed version, please tick the required box upon registration.

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