Финишная обработка цилиндрических зубчатых колес с встроенным процессом контроля в замкнутом цикле (Closed Loop)

Дата 17 июн 2020
Вебинар по зубообработке
Язык Японский
Уровень Базовый
Процесс Зубошлифование методом непрерывного обката, Измерения с применением лазерных технологий
Поставщик Gleason
Price Tags Бесплатно

Hard Finishing of Cylindrical Gears with In-Process Gear Inspection in the Closed Loop

100% In-Process Inspection has become reality! This new technology is a true game changer in the gear manufacturing industry. In his latest webinar, we will discuss Gleason's latest hard finishing cell combining Threaded Wheel Grinding with the revolutionary GRSL Laser Inspection System, connected by an application-specific automation concept.  The presentation will be transmitted from Gleason Asia.

With our new Home Trainer LIVE webinars we would like to support you in these difficult times and inform you about gear manufacturing technology trends and solutions, even at today’s rather unusual workplaces. Home Trainer Webinars are moderated live by gear technology experts including the possibility to ask questions via the integrated chat.

Japanese language
JST 11:00 - 11:45 am (Osaka/Tokyo Time)


Registration closes 1 hour beforehand.