Gear Inspection

Технология Метрология
Уровень Базовый, Продвинутый
Процесс Измерения на аналитических машинах
Номер курса M-GGA50
Продолжительность занятий 3 days
Число участников 3-6 / Online 50
Место проведения тренингов Онлайн-обучение, Рочестер, Нью-Йорк, США, Кверетаро, Мексика
Price Tags Price on Request

Gear Inspection

General aspects of measuring specific gear parameters. Various measurement techniques and equipment offered by Gleason for the gear metrology function.


▪ Gear measurement theory.
▪ AGMA quality standards.
▪ Terminology of gear measurement.
▪ Gear parameters to be measured.
▪ Types of measurement equipment.
▪ Bevel/cylindrical measurement.
▪ G-AGE® flank form and spacing output.
▪ Explanation concept of single flank and structure borne noise testing.
▪ Conventional roll testing.
▪ “E-P-G” test related to TCA.
▪ Precision index spacing checks.


Upon Completion

A certificate is issued with successful completion.



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