Training - Bevel Gear Single Flank Testing

Date 2019年11月04日 - 2019年11月05日
The Gleason Works
1000 University Ave.
Rochester, NY 14607, USA
Language 英語
Level ベーシック, アドバンスド
Process ベベルギヤ歯当たり試験
Provider Gleason
Class Duration 2 days
Number of Participants 3-6
Price Tags $ 1,100

Bevel Gear Single Flank Testing

Familiarization with rotary- and vibrationbased single flank transmission (SFT) error measurement of gear sets.

Understanding of the output of the Gleason Single Flank Tester for cylindrical (parallel axis) and bevel gear testing.

Familiarity with the operation of a Gleason Single Flank Tester.

Topics Covered:

▪ Introduction to SFT application and objectives.
▪ Machine operation to include setup, operation and test procedures.
▪ Single flank testing hardware, measurement system.
▪ Computer operation and data input
▪ Basic theory of single flank measurement.
▪ Understanding single flank output.


Upon Completion:

A certificate is issued with successful completion.