Setting of Machine Geometry, Referencing Dimensions and Updating of Machine Data

テクノロジー 歯車加工機
Level ベーシック
加工 ホブ加工, パワースカイビング, ギヤシェーピング, 創成歯研, 成型歯研, 面取り・バリ取り
Course Number C-GEO
Class Duration 2 hours plus Q&A session
Number of Participants 1-8
トレーニング場所 オンライン
Price Tags € 495

Setting of Machine Geometry, Referencing Dimensions and Updating of Machine Data

The online training explains the determination of the reference dimensions and their input into the machine data.



▪ Which coordinate axes does the machine have.
▪ Differences of measuring systems and their function.
▪ Determination of the reference dimensions for the respective axes.
▪ Input of the determined values into the machine data.
▪ Description of frequently occurring errors and their effects.


Technical Requirements

PC/MAC or mobile device with internet connection (ideally 50 Mbps+). We recommend the use of the following browsers, latest version: Windows Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, enabled to receive incoming video/audio streams. Bidirectional streaming is optional and requires a webcam on your end. For groups participating in one room, we recommend connection to multiple computers or mirroring to a larger screen.


Access to the Online Training

After successful registration you will receive access data for the chosen training class. Contact the Gleason-Pfauter Training Department for your individual online training date.


Upon Completion

A certificate is issued with successful completion.



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