Incontriamoci al MPT 2023 a Detroit!

16, Ago 2023



Meet the Transformers @MPT2023

Gleason cordially invites customers to visit Booth 2308 at Motion + Power Technology Expo in Detroit MI, USA Oct 17-19, 2023. Gleason will present the latest developments in the design of gears and transmissions, manufacturing of all kinds of gears, and the revolutionary GRSL technology for in-process inspection and up to 100% quality control of manufacturers’ output - with integrated Advanced Waviness Analysis for gear noise evaluation.


100% In-Process Quality Inspection for Low Noise Transmissions

Today, manufacturers take about 30 minutes to inspect and analyze a gear for NVH gear noise analysis. Instead, the new GRSL Laser Inspection System with Advanced Waviness Analysis gauges, measures and analyzes one gear, depending on the measurement scope, in one minute, for up to 100% quality inspection of the production output.


Quantum Leap in Gear Noise Evaluation

KTEPS Kinematic Transmission Error Prediction Software offers a revolutionary method of showing tooth flank surface deviations in relation to their orders, for simple and fast gear noise evaluation.


Chamfer Hobbing and Fly Cutter Chamfering Live

The new Genesis® 280CD Gear Chamfering Machine with integrated automation in action offers Chamfer Hobbing for lowest cost-per-piece and Fly Cutter Chamfering for maximum flexibility. Also available as fully integrated 280HCD for gear hobbing and chamfer cutting in one compact machine.


New Coniflex Pro for Differential Gears

The new Coniflex® Pro Manufacturing System provides advanced design features in a closed loop environment with 40% less surface stress, 30% less root bending, and excellent NVH results with significant lower transmission errors than forged differential bevel gears.


From Design to Manufacture

The KISSsoft® Design Software with the brand new KISSdesign® suite provides many new features for the design and simulation of gearbox elements and complete transmissions – which will be demonstrated at the show.


Workholding: Highest Precision Combined with Easy Handling

See the latest hydraulic and mechanical workholding systems for highly productive environments, suitable for many different machining tasks. Available as standard modular system or customized solution, for production or inspection requirements.


Dressing to the Last Micrometer

Grinding and honing applications can be often optimized to raise quality and/or save cost. Gleason dressing tools will support higher productivity and constant quality results. At the booth, Gleason’s Hard Finishing Experts will discuss customers’ applications in person.


Hard and Fast

Gleason’s state-of-the-art line of Carbide Power Skiving and Shaper Cutters provides excellent productivity and tool life. Designed for and perfectly adapted to Power Skiving and shaping machines of Gleason and other manufacturers.


Where Precision Plastic Gears Take Shape

Gleason Plastic Gears provides optimized gear tooth macro and micro geometry using KISSsoft, system analysis, design-for-moldability, custom material selection, single and multi-cavity molds, no weld-line technology, over-molding and much more.


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