Applied Bevel Gear Engineering

Tecnologia Gear Machines
Level Advanced
Processo Macchina per Ingranaggi a 5 assi, Taglio a smusso, rettifica degli smussi, Rettifica del giunto curvo conico, Lappatura dello smusso, Test del rullo conico, Tempra dello smusso, Rettifica della lama conica, Ispezione della lama conica, costruzione della fresa a smussare
Course Number B-GGA71
Durata del corso 4.5 days
Numero dei partecipanti 3-12 / Online 50
Luogo del Corso Online, Rochester, NY, USA, Ludwigsburg, Germany
Price Tags Price on Request

Applied Bevel Gear Engineering

Continuation of subjects covered in the Fundamentals of Bevel Gear Design. An in-depth series of lectures, discussions and hands-on workshops using Gleason GEMS® Design bevel gear design and manufacturing software. A working knowledge of the theory of tooth contact pattern development and the use of Gleason GEMS® Design software for Tooth Contact Analysis (TCA), undercut check, and machine settings.


  • Introduction to Gleason machines.
  • Bevel gear design and dimensions.
  • Explanation of software input.
  • Introduction to TCA.
  • Calculation of TCA and machine summary.
  • Explanation of machine summary items.
  • Tooth contact analysis under load (LTCA).
  • The Gleason Completing System (design, TCA, development).
  • Tooth contact, deflection and fatigue testing.
  • Methods of hard finishing bevel and hypoid gears.


Upon Completion

A certificate is issued with successful completion.



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