Genesis 280CD - Chamfer Hobbing and Fly Cutter Chamfering on One Platform

Two chamfer technologies are available on one single platform: Chamfer Hobbing, ideal for high volume automotive and light truck applications, including final drive ring gears and shafts; and Fly Cutter Chamfering, delivering exceptional flexibility for lower volume, small lot jobber applications. The Genesis 280CD Gear Chamfering Machine is available as standalone version, or as fully integrated hobbing and chamfering machine, the Genesis 280HCD.


Workpiece diameter, max.  280 mm 
Module, nominal  5 mm 
Axial slide travel, max.   300 mm


Two Processes on One Plattform

When an application calls for more chamfering flexibility, Fly Cutter Chamfering is the method of choice. Chamfer Hobbing is the idealy solution for medium and high volume.

High Volume Chamfer Hobbing with Minimum Tool Cost per Workpiece

Gleason Chamfer Hobbing process offers tool shifting, delivering increased tool life and resulting in the very low tool cost-per-piece: just 1 to 2 cent for a typical automotive workpiece.

Flexible Fly Cutter Chamfering for Smaller Lots and Prototyping

Fly Cutter Chamfering is a very universal process. A single tool can be used for different modules, pressure angle, and number of teeth. With just a few, standard, inexpensive and easily sourced base bodies and respective blade sets, users can cover a wide range of gears to be chamfered.

Automation Options

Automation solution by Gleason Automation Systems with robot loading, optional automation solution by customer supplied robot possible.

Disc- and Shaft-Type Workpieces

The Genesis 280CD offers optional a CNC tailstock for shaft-type workpieces and clamping of cluster gears.

Quick-Change Workholding

Gleason's Quik-Flex® Plus workholding allow you to change workholdings in less than 1 minute for increased flexibility and productivity.

Intuitive and Easy to Learn Operation

With the Siemens 840D sl and Gleason GEMS® Operator software, you get a solution that enables your machine operators to make functions easy to use.

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