Shaper Cutters

A complete range of highly productive and cost-effective PM and carbide shaper cutters. Shaping is used primarily in situations where the accessibility of the tools of other methods reach their limits. Gleason shaper cutters in different designs are adapted to suit the machining task in question.

IsoForm Shaper Cutter

IsoForm™ grinds up to a 25% longer tool life. Precision ground with advanced technology on state-of-the-art production equipment.


Opti-Cut Shaper Cutter Indexable Carbide Insert Shaper Cutter

A family of gear shaping cutters that employs the latest in replaceable, indexable insert technology to improve cutting efficiencies for production of large spur and helical gears. Opti-Cut® can reduce cost per part by as much as 60% when compared with high speed steel tools. In addition, tool life, surface finish and part accuracy are constant after the change of the carbide blades. 

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