Efficient and Precise

Chamfer hobbing produces precise chamfers with minimum cost per chamfer.

Unmatched Tool Life

Chamfer hobs offer extremely long tool life. During hob shifting multiple teeth are engaged, distributing wear evenly across the tool.

For One or More Gears

Chamfer hobs can be used for one or more gears on a workpiece, with up to 4 hobs on one tool spindle.

Simple Tool Setup and Alignment

Gleason provides all required setup and tool reference data for fast and simple setup and alignment of chamfer hobs.

Reconditioning Made Easy

Chamfer hobs can be resharpened and recoated very easily - just like regular hobs.

Once Source System

Chamfer hobbing is available on the following Gleason machines:

Genesis 160HCD Genesis 280CD Genesis 280HCD 

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