Hobs & Milling Cutters from Gleason for Your Success

Wherever cylindrical gear manufacturers require improved cutting tool performance, longer tool life, and higher quality, you’ll find Gleason cutting tools at work. Gleason is your global source for the industry’s most complete line of cylindrical gear-making tools.


Gleason hobs significantly improve the productivity of machining gears from small to large modules, roughing to finishing, as well as soft cutting or skiving operations.

G90 Hobs

Hobs made with Gleason’s G90 cutting tool substrate are closing the performance gap between traditional PM-HSS materials and high performance solid carbide hobs.

High Performance Carbide Hobs

Gleason’s wide range of solid carbide hobs bring improved performance to high-speed machining and dry cutting applications, including everything from standard carbide hobs to special cutters for worm gears.

Coarse Pitch Hobs

Hobs for coarse pitch applications are a Gleason specialty, and include standard solid coarse pitch hobs for roughing and finishing of gears with a material hardness of less than 470 BHN, and E-Z Cut Hobs for greater productivity in large gear roughing applications.

OPTI-CUT Gear Gashers

Gleason’s OPTI-CUT® indexable-insert cutters are the fastest, most efficient solution for cutting large gears in high volumes.

Carbide Milling Cutters

Gleason solid carbide milling cutters are particularly well-suited for dry, high-speed milling of cylindrical gears, racks, single and multiple-start worms and many other applications.

PM-HSS Milling Cutters

Gleason offers all types of gear milling cutters, from standard convex and concave radius designs, to the most complex impeller rotor form or band saw cutter.

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