Metrology Systems - Application, Software and CNC Upgrades

The fast, easy and economical way to optimize your existing Gleason Metrology Equipment.


Discover the Full Potential

Gleason Metrology Systems upgrades are the fast, easy and economical way to optimize your existing Gleason SIGMA, GMM and GMS® Series Machines, increasing productivity and profitability.

SP80H Probe Upgrade

This Renishaw 3D scanning probe can greatly improve your inspection capabilities. Available with a broad range of styli: sizes from 0.3 to 25 mm, lengths to 800 mm.

Surface Roughness Measurement

Upgrade your metrology system with the capability of surface roughness measurements, meeting most common roughness parameters as defined in DIN, ISO and ANSI, including Ra, Rq, Rz, Rmax and more.

CAPPS CMM Measurement

We can equip your inspection system to run powerful CAPPS DMIS software, giving you a comprehensive GD&T measuring capability.

GAMA 3.2 Technology Upgrade

The perfect solution to use all the new technological inspection features. Unlike the GAMATM 3.1 update, this upgrade includes the latest GAMA 3.2 Inspection and Analysis Software in addition to the hardware and Windows 10. The GAMA software is the heart of a measuring machine and brings your machine into the new age. Make your existing machine faster, more effective, more flexible and safer.

Barkhausen Noise Analysis

Add advanced Barkhausen Noise Analysis Technology to your metrology system to inspect cylindrical gears and other rotationally symmetrical workpieces for surface hardness as well as residual and compressive stresses.

Closed Loop Application

The Gleason Closed Loop ensures the direct transmission of measured data from the metrology system to the production machine with auto-corrective feedback. Possible for update on many models of Gleason Inspection Machines with Gleason Cutting Machines.

Gleason Metrology AOI/ROP Upgrades

Our additional operator interface is now also available as an upgrade version for older Sigma, GMM and GMS generation machines. The ergonomically designed workstation is complemented by an advanced user interface with Gleason Connect, video conferencing, voicemail messages, microphone for telephony and QR code including machine monitoring temperature and environmental conditions.

GAMA Technology Upgrade

If IT security is close to your heart and you don't want to make compromises with old operating systems, we have the solution. The GAMA 3.1 upgrade is the light version to upgrade your machine to Windows 10. Including new hardware, Windows 10 and the reliable GAMA 3.1 Inspection and Analysis Software. However, you can upgrade to GAMA 3.2 at any time later.

QC 3000/3500 Metrology Systems

Spare parts and electronic components for QC-Series Metrology Systems become scarce and endanger your measuring availability and inspection capacities. Gleason’s metrology exchange program is a great opportunity to trade-in your dated system against a new, state-of-the-art GMS Metrology System.

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