Control Repair+ 

The cost-efficient alternative to the complete modernization of your machine or its controls. Ideal for Gleason machines that are in good mechanical condition, but when control spare parts are becoming obsolete and hard to find or a full re-control isn't cost efficient. The solution: Control Repair+ which offers the repair or economical replacement of electronic components using reconditioned parts under new warranty for up to 12 months.

Benefits of Control Repair+

  • Repair or replacement of worn/defect control components.
  • On-site service incl. data backup, installation and recommissioning.
  • No incremental operator training required.
  • Machine directive conformity remains valid.
  • Avoid control-related machine downtime.
  • Extend machine life cycle with the existing control.
  • Faster and more cost-efficient than a full re-control.
  • New warranty on replaced parts for up to 12 months.

Available for Siemens 840C and Fanuc 160i Control

Gleason Control Repair+ is available for a wide range of machine models with Siemens 840C and Fanuc 160i Control.

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