e-Drive - We Make it Simple

e-transformation in mobility and transport industries creates new challenges and opportunities for manufacturers of highly efficient drives and transmissions. We ensure that design, manufacturing and inspection elements work together in a seamless way.

e-Drive Starts with Gleason

Geared Parts for Electric Bicycles

Gleason’s 100PS and 100H gear cutting machines feature hobbing, Power Skiving, and additional processes to finish your high precision e-bicycle parts, including gears, geared shafts and clutches.

e-Bike Starts with Gleason

Precision Screws for Pumps

 Gleason’s 100H and 100WM gear hobbing and worm milling machines feature special equipment, ideally suited to cut your high precision screws for low noise, low vibration pumps with excellent flow rates and high pressures. Available with integrated or external automation.

High Precision Screws Starts with Gleason

Geared Parts for Robotic Drives

Gleason’s 100PS Power Skiving Machine and 100H(CD) Hobbing Machine feature Power Skiving and gear hobbing, as well as integrated auxiliary processes like chamfer cutting to cut and finish high precision robotic parts, including strain wave and cycloidal gears, geared shafts and internal gears.

Robotic Starts with Gleason