eDrive Transmission Guide

Learn more about the most popular eDrive solutions and how new Gleason gear manufacturing technologies are helping the automotive industry meet surging demand. The book will inspire mechanical and electrical engineering students with new concepts to take on the challenges of developing the next generation of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.

eDrive Transmission Guide covers 11 topics on 220 pages and has 153 figures - which provide a better understanding and easier retention of the covered material.

Part 1 - Introduction to Electric Vehicle Transmissions
Part 2 - Automotive Drive Concepts
Part 3 - Super Reduction Hypoid eDrives
Part 4 - Reversed Pericyclic Transmissions
Part 5 - Double Differentials as Ultra-High Speed Reducer
Part 6 - Psychoacoustic applied to eDrives


Prof. Dr. Hermann J.Stadtfeld

2020, Gleason Corporation, Rochester NY, USA

Language: English


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$55  - printed copy + shipping & handling

Europe and CIS:

€55  - printed copy + shipping & handling


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Practical Gear Engineering

Réponses aux questions sur la fabrication des engrenages

L'ouvrage "Practical Gear Technology" abordent 41 sujets sur 395 pages et comporte 325 illustrations pour une meilleure compréhension.

Part 1 - Conception des Engrenages
Part 2 - Fabrication des Engrenages
Part 3 - Optimisation
Part 4 - Mesures et Essais
Part 5 - Prototypes


Prof. Dr. Hermann J.Stadtfeld

2019, Gleason Corporation, Rochester NY, USA

Langue: Anglais


$65  - Version papier

$55 - eBook


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Technologie des Engrenages Coniques

Ingénierie des engrenages et méthodes de fabrication modernes pour transmissions angulaires.

Prof. Dr. Hermann J. Stadtfeld

2014, The Gleason Works, Rochester NY, USA 

Langue: Anglais


$68 - Version papier


Encyclopédie des  Engrenages

Ouvrage de référence en anglais et en allemand sur les applications, la technologie et la terminologie des engrenages coniques et cylindriques.

Prof. Dr. Hermann J.Stadtfeld

2010, The Gleason Works, Rochester NY, USA 

Langues: Anglais & Allemand


$62 - Version papier

$41.20 - CD


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