ARD Series - Compact, Fast and Efficient Drawer Loaded Automation

ARD Series Drawer Loaded Automation feed parts directly to machine tool chucks, spindles, or fixtures quickly and economically while using minimum floor space. Double ended configurations are also available to service two machines with a single system.


Drawer size, max. 600 x 600 mm
Model Payload, max. Weight of parts handled, max.
70ARD 7 kg 4.9 kg
120ARD 12 kg 8.4 kg


Internal Part Buffering

ARD provides internal part buffering for unattended operation.

Non-Stop Production

Trays or baskets can load and unload parts without stopping cycle times.

Integrated Systems

Systems can be equipped with conveyers and drawer loading.

Using Vision or Lasers to Precisely Postion Workpieces

Through the use of vision or lasers, we can compensate for inconsistent part locations.

Integration of Pre- and Post-Processes

Easy integration of additional equipment for secondary operations such as part washing, deburring, inspection, and marking with the Gleason Automation Systems.

More Processing Options

Standard Products proven to do the jobs needed

Through standard modular design we can tend to machine tools, perform secondary operations and ensure part quality while providing operators with walk away time.


Gleason Automation Systems can adapt to Gleason and Non-Gleason Machines to become a fully integrated system.

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