Gleason Introduces an Open Data Exchange Interface for its GEMS Software

Nov 1, 2017

November 1, 2017, Rochester, New York

Gleason Corporation has developed a new Open Data Exchange Interface between its GEMS (Gleason Engineering and Manufacturing System) software and a range of potential system design and analysis software tools available in the general market. At recent trade shows, Gleason has presented the Open Data Exchange Interface between its own products of GEMS and KISSsoft/KISSsys.


This new open interface leverages the strength of system design tools in calculating full system misalignments and loads, while at the same time taking advantage of GEMS’ strength in calculating gear tooth micro-geometry, contact stresses, and transmission error under the same misalignments and loads.


John J. Perrotti, President and Chief Executive Officer of Gleason, said “It is important that Gleason be a leader in creating such an open interface standard where our customers can benefit from the capability of various system analysis tools directly with advanced gear design solutions like GEMS. We are particularly excited with the potential opportunities between our GEMS and KISSsys solutions using this interface standard”.




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