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Join us at Booth 7503 in Hall 7 at Control in Stuttgart, May 9-12, 2023.
Experience the "sound of silence" and meet Gleason's gear metrology experts to discuss your specific applications. 

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Gear Inspection at Submicron Level

Measure submicron surface finish with a skidless probe, analyze waviness in profile and lead, and analyze gear noise with sophisticated software tools, such as Advanced Waviness Analysis and KTEPS. See the new nano live at Control 2023.

Quantum Leap in Gear Noise Evaluation

KTEPS Kinematic Transmission Error Prediction Software offers a revolutionary method of showing tooth flank surface deviations in relation to their orders, for simple and fast gear noise evaluation.

100% In-Process Gear Inspection

GRSL combines double flank roll testing with advanced non-contact laser inspection on a single platform. Cycle times for optical pitch and profile inspection are reduced to a few seconds, enabling 100% analytical inspection of applications with very high demands.


You are invited. See us at Control Show in Stuttgart, Germany.

May 09 - 12, 2023


Landesmesse Stuttgart

Messepiazza 1

70629 Stuttgart



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Landesmesse Stuttgart

Messepiazza 1
Stuttgart, 70629

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