Refresher Class HMI Gear Honing (HMS/HMX-Generation)

Tecnología Máquina de Engranajes
Nivel Avanzado
Proceso Honing de Engranajes
Curso número C-GSAG45
Duración de la clase 2.5 h
Número de participantes 50
Ubicación de la formación Formación Online
Price Tags Price on Request

Refresher Class HMI Gear Honing (HMS/HMX-Generation)

This training class is intended to refresh practical gear honing knowhow and provide tips for efficient machine operation. Ideally suited for operators working on Gleason-Faessler Honing Machines (HMS/HMX-Generation). Training sessions are individually adapted to customers’ requirements based on machine model and process installed.


This on-site training class is now offered also online! In order to successfully complete this training we need some information in advance regarding installation data and current use of your Gleason-Faessler HMS/HMX Machine so we can prepare the training class accordingly. Operators joining this class require a basic understanding of the gear honing process and should be somewhat familiar with Gleason-Faessler Honing Machines.



Online classes are conducted in sessions with max. 2.5 hours per session, per day, including breaks. Sessions can be chosen as required, either on consecutive days or based on a reoccurring weekly schedule. We use “Zoom“ as video conferencing and presentation platform.


Upon Completion

A certificate is issued with successful completion.

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