Phoenix 1000HC - Fast and Flexible Production of Large Bevel Gears

The Phoenix® 1000HC brings speed, accuracy and repeatability to large bevel gear cutting operations. The highly robust machine design and powerful CNC Controls provide maximum flexibility and reduce changeover times. 


Workpiece diameter, max. 1,000 mm
Range of tooth numbers  1-300
Cutter diameter (FM), max. 18"
Cutter radius (FH), max. 350 mm


Reliable by Design

The Gleason 1000HC is built for maximum reliability including simplified guarding and excellent chip containment. The clean and simple design results in easier access and less overall maintenance. 

Unsurpassed Productivity

The 1000HC provides optimum performance for PowerCutting® - for the toughest jobs in bevel gear manufacturing.


Capable of both face hobbing and face milling; plus cutting of straight bevel gears, face gears, face clutches, power skiving and unimillTM.

Easy Changeover and Operation

The 1000HC's design brings cutter and workpiece closer to the operator allowing for easy access as well as easier loading - manually or automatically. 

User-Friendly Control

The Gleason HMI greatly empowers even less experienced operators to create programs and operate the machine more productively. The 1000HC runs with the latest Fanuc 30i control. 

Built-In Intelligence

Embedded condition monitoring alerts you of potential future issues. Problems are resolved before they happen.

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