The Next Generation in Gear Engineering and Manufacturing

GEMS® is the next-generation design and manufacturing system for bevel gears and certain types of cylindrical gears. It’s a powerful new software platform that provides highly desirable gear design and analysis capabilities and seamlessly connects with all your existing Gleason design software.

Seamless Connectivity 

GEMS easily connects to and transfers data with, CAGETM, UNICALTM, and common design software.

Powerful New Features

▪ Interface with GEMS through touchscreen or conventional mouse/keyboard.

▪ 3D gear and pinion graphics with animation.

▪ Combined ease-off and TCA for pinion and gear.

▪ Interactive tooth surface and ease-off correction and optimization.

▪ Real blank geometry for both pinion and gear.

▪ 2D tooth profiles along the face width.

▪ 2D/3D loaded TCA, including interactive root bending stress and contact stress output with S-N Curves.

▪ Interactive tool design with graphical slot and blade output.

Coniflex Pro
Design and Manufacturing System for Differential Gear Design and Production

Gleason's Coniflex® Pro Design and Manufacturing System is ideally suited for producing stronger, quieter, and more reliable e-drive differential gears in high volumes, for automotive, truck, bus and off-highway transmissions.

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Coniface and Coniclutch for Face Gears and Clutches

When grinding face gears and clutches, excellent surface finish, high spacing accuracy and precise flank forms are achieved with Gleason’s Coniface and Coniclutch designs and grinding process, also available for straight bevel gears and couplings.

Open System Architecture

GEMS is open for new partners and third parties, connecting all required elements of a complete system with added value.

Direct Interface to KISSsoft Design Software

GEMS communicates directly with common design suites like KISSsoft Gear Design Software. Gear geometries can be exported from GEMS to KISSsoft and vice versa, matching GEMS-definitions and exporting corresponding misalignment information or the corrected gear geometry with loaded case results. 

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