sound of silence - Gleason at Control 2023

Mayo 9, 2023


sound of silence - Gleason at Control 2023

at Control Show 2023, May 09 to 12 in Stuttgart, Germany, Gleason presents its revolutionary approach in gear inspection and analysis to meet the challenges of extreme gear quality and minimum gear noise.


May 9, 2023 Rochester, New York (USA)

At Control 2023, Gleason presents its revolutionary gear metrology solutions including gear inspection at submicron level, laser-based in-process measuring and Advanced Waviness Analysis for simple and effective gear noise analysis.


New 300GMSP nano Gear Metrology System covers the full range of modern gear inspection capabilities, as well as fine pitch gear inspection and CMM measurement. By using the 300GMSP nano it is possible to inspect the parts right on the production floor - with results comparable to the lab. The Gleason 300GMSP nano Gear Metrology System for Production Environments saves time for part transport and standing in line in front of the inspection room. The P version offers all inspection and analysis capabilities of the 300GMS nano. In addition, its integrated compensation systems makes it resistant to typical production floor thermal and vibratory dynamics as well as contamination. With the 300GMSP nano, users are now able to measure surface finish at sub-micron level with a skidless probe, meet the most common roughness parameters as defined by DIN, ISO, ANSI and others, analyze waviness for profile, lead and pitch, and execute noise analysis with sophisticated software tools. The 300GMSP nano is equipped with a high accuracy SP25 3D scanning probe with a broad range of styli, including its own stylus calibration library. 300GMSP nano also integrates 3D measurement and analysis capabilities typically offered by a CMM. In addition to gears and other rotary parts, the 300GMSP nano inspects a wide range of gear cutting tools, for example hobs, Power Skiving cutters, or bevel gear cutter stick blades.

The system comes with Gleason’s patented AOP (Advanced Operator Pendant), which enables users to record video memos, leave voice messages, monitor environmental conditions, read bar and QR code information directly into the system, and supports remote services. The 300GMSP nano uses the latest GAMATM 3.2 Applications and Control Software, which is fully compatible with Windows and interfaces easily with customers' systems. GAMA also includes SPC data acquisition software and Gleason Connect® Remote Support Services.


Latest GRSL Laser Metrology System with integrated Gear Rolling capability offers revolutionary in-process gear inspection of up to 100% of gear production, setting a new standard for applications requiring high-speed, high-volume testing. It provides both double flank roll testing as well as laser inspection to provide measurement on all teeth in just seconds. GRSL is available in manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic configuration depending on the manufacturer’s requirements and measures external cylindrical gears up to 250 mm in diameter and ranging from .4 to 7.2 module. It provides analytical output on all teeth for profile, lead and index with functional characteristics including nick detection, total composite variation, total runout, tooth to tooth average, DOP, average circular tooth thickness and more. Although the GRSL will not be physically on display, Gleason Metrology Experts will be happy to show you the many benefits of this revolutionary approach.


GMSP nano and GRSL provide integrated gear noise analysis tools that have been shown to correlate with EOL and push the previous boundaries of inspection technology, making both metrology systems ideally suited for automotive e-drive requirements. Our metrology experts will be happy to show you the full potential of Gleason's Advanced Waviness Analysis at the show.


300GMSP nano and GRSL offer integrated gear noise analysis tools, making the GRSL ideally suited to meet automotive e-drive requirements.


Gleason’s Closed Loop enables both the GMS Series and GRSL to send inspection results directly to Gleason production machines, including Power Skiving, grinding and honing machines, for auto-correction of production variables without the need for operator intervention.


Next to its latest metrology systems, Gleason presents LeCount® Expanding Mandrels, specifically developed for metrology applications which guarantee precision and boost measuring efficiency. Gleason will also showcase its range of high-precision master gears for calibration, inspection and checking applications to provide a complete, worry-free metrology system from one source.


The Gleason Team looks forward to meeting customers at Control Show in Stuttgart, in Hall 7, at Booth 7503. Get your free entry pass to Control in Stuttgart, Germany, at


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