Pentac®Plus Cutter Heads Increase Tool Life

Nov 15, 2012

The Pentac® cutter system introduced for the first time a positive blade seating to the process of chip removal in bevel gear cutting. A further improvement was done by adding several enhancing features like higher slot inclination, clamp blocks with integrated spring loaded steel balls and solid clamp screws. The freedoms in optimizing the front face of the cutting blades was highly increased with the higher slot inclination. The higher slot inclination also forms an opening chip gap between cutter face and blade tips on the backside of each blade. Additionally, grinding the back face of the blades provides an enhanced chip flow through the chip gap between the blades, to enhance the performance of the new Pentac®Plus even more.

Highly productive cutter heads require easier ways of building and truing. This has been realized with the new clamp blocks which allow movement of the blades axially, like rolling them on a roller bearing, yet provide enough friction on the prismatic seating surfaces in order to allow for precise axial positioning.

The result of this development can be materialized with significantly increased tool life and higher productivity, which also is reflected in enhanced production stability.

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As seen in September 2012 Gear Solutions