PentacPlus with Radial Truing Capability

Jul 17, 2013

The latest addition to the Pentac®Plus family of positive seated cutter heads is a design which allows the radial positioning of each blade via a separate screw. The upper screw functions as clamp screw like in a standard Pentac®Plus cutter head (see T1 in Figures 1 and 2). The lower screw (T2 in Figures 1 and 2) is the adjusting screw.

Radially adjustable Pentac®Plus cutters have the same blade seating stiffness as standard Pentac®Plus cutters. The new functionality offers a number of advantages, making this the most advanced stick blade cutter on the market.

Advantages of PentacPlus with Radial Truing Capability include:

  • Can be used without lower screw like a standard PENTAC®Plus
  • Axial Tip Runout will be perfect (2 to 5mm range)
  • Radial Runout in 2 to 5mm range without effort
  • Fast and precise cutter building
  • Smooth generating flats in root fillet
  • Even generating flat appearance in flank surface
  • Better chip load distribution on all blades
  • Higher Productivity - better tool life
  • Up to twice the tool life for gears
  • Up to 50% better tool life for pinions

The Gleason PentacPlus with Radial Truing Capability takes cutter technology to a new level with significant improvements in tool life and improved chip load distribution, once again raising the bar on the standards of gear cutting technology.