Gleason to Introduce New Technologies at EMO 2013

Jul 30, 2013

Gleason leads the way in innovative solutions for gear manufacturing, including two new machine products being introduced for the first time at EMO 2013 from September 16 to 21 in Hanover, the main show event of the international machine tool building and plant engineering industry.

In a 700 square meter booth Gleason will be exhibiting the latest product and process technologies and developments, combining the know-how and experience in gear production technology that customers have come to expect from Gleason.

This experience is reflected in a variety of soft and hard manufacturing processes for both bevel and cylindrical gear production and inspection. Our solutions are rounded out with a full line of gear cutting tools, workholding equipment, services, software and training, providing customers with a full high-performance set of solutions to suit their specific requirements.           

Introducing: Power Skiving Machine 600PS – Machines, Cutting Tools, Workholding and Process-Know-how from a single source.

Gleason’s new Power Skiving range of 100PS to 600PS machines are part of a breakthrough solution for the skiving process.

Gleason’s Power Skiving concept is suitable for the highly productive manufacturing of cylindrical internal and external gears with outstanding gear quality and significant reductions in cost per piece, when compared with the gear shaping process, for example. Gleason’s tool concept gives the Power Skiving process unprecedented flexibility and simplicity of process management.

This makes the process for gear diameters up to 700 mm, swing diameters up to 850 mm and modules up to 8 mm equally suitable for small lot production runs as well as mass production.  

Premium quality and productivity from in-depth process knowledge and optimal process design.


The productivity benefits and resulting benefits in terms of cost per piece make Gleason’s Power Skiving process a viable and cost-effective alternative to gear shaping and in many cases to other soft- machining processes, such as hobbing and broaching.


The gear qualities which can be achieved by the Gleason Power Skiving process are substantial and superior to other soft-machining methods. Modifications to profile and tooth trace can also be very easily applied, resulting in new opportunities and applications, especially in cases where other manufacturing technologies are approaching their limits.


The process control is very simple and is supported by a dialog menu in the control unit.

Cutting Tools

Gleason, the world’s largest manufacturer of gear-cutting tools, will design the right tool specifically for your application and will provide if requested the required logistics and service for resharpening and maintaining the tools.

Process simulation

Long before the first chip is removed, Gleason’s process and application specialists know the expected machining results. Simulation tools calculate chip geometry, chip formation and contact geometries for each specific process step, allowing process design to be efficient and focused. Gleason can thus ensure that you will be working at a high level of productivity and quality from the very first workpiece.

Titan® 1200G – New dimensions in gear grinding.

Leading technology in gear grinding. Excellent surface finish quality combined with high productivity by fully automatic tool changer.

Manufacturers of large gears expect modern gear-grinding machines to be able to produce excellent quality gears with considerably increased productivity and maximum process reliability at low cost.

With its newly-developed Titan 1200G gear grinding machine, Gleason-Pfauter has succeeded in satisfying these discerning requirements. The Titan 1200G can be individually configured to suit customer requirements and provides maximum productivity, flexibility and quality. Use of a fully-automatic tool changer facilitates entirely new machining strategies for grinding gears.

√ Fully automatic tool changer

The optional fully-automatic tool changer is the basis for different machining strategies.

√ Combined profile grinding

Use of different, optimized profile grinding wheel specifications for roughing and finishing operation for shortest possible manufacturing times and extreme good surface finish quality.

√ Opti-Grind®

Use of the well established and productive multi-disk grinding method combined with
different grinding wheel specifications for roughing and finishing.

√ Power-Grind

Highly productive threaded wheel grinding process (up to m = 14 mm) for roughing
combined with a precise profile grinding process for finishing. The possible machining strategies allow an unprecedented degree of productivity and flexibility for the user, taking into account not just the desired workpiece geometry, but also many other production & customer-specific boundary conditions.

√ Conventional profile grinding

The machine can also be run as a conventional profile grinding machine without the
tool changer, producing the high quality and reliability which has been proven by
Gleason over many years.

√ Excellent surface finish qualities

Using the tool changer allows special profile grinding wheels designed for  
superfinishing to be used. In combination with the corresponding finishing strategy
surface qualities formerly unachievable in gear grinding can now be generated.

√ Innovative new technology functions for increased productivity and process reliability.

√ Smaller footprint

35% smaller footprint, but still with easy access and serviceability.

√ High energy efficiency

Up to 40% less energy consumption, due to fewer energy consuming components, an
intelligent energy management system and the latest drive and motor technology.

Bevel Gear Grinding Machine PHOENIX® 280G – superior performance in a compact, economical package.

With its Phoenix 280G machines, Gleason has taken a significant leap forward in gear-machining technology.

Increased stiffness and higher part quality.

With a newly designed Polymer Concrete Column Style frame, an increase in stiffness, dampening and thermal stability is achieved. Especially in today’s grinding application requirement, the final part quality plays a very important role for strength, noise and sensitivity of the gear sets.

Part changeover in less than 5 minutes due to quick change grinding wheel, workholding and coolant header.

All Gleason quick change designs on the Phoenix 280G do not require a single tool which makes this machine unique in flexibility. Changeover times have been reduced to less than 5 minutes to provide to our customers the highest amount of flexibility in bevel gear machining.

Simplified and improved coolant header for higher reliability, increased travel, and tool-less changeover.

The new coolant head design can be removed in just a few seconds with a very simple and reliable  mechanism. This new design can reduce changeover times from gear to pinion to a maximum of 5 minutes. The repeatability from one changeover to the next has significantly improved overall process stability.

More rigid dresser design with no services in the workchamber for higher reliability.

The new dresser design allows complete retraction of the unit, using just one single axis. Additionally the stiffness of the unit has been increased by multiple factors compared to existing designs out in the field.

New stock divider design for better accuracy, repeatability, and reliability.

The new stock divider design allows the complete protection of the unit while grinding. Increased stiffness will result in a higher position accuracy and finally in a higher part quality.

Improved guarding for less swarf contamination.

The Phoenix 280G has a completely improved guarding design without any slides, hoses, cables inside of the machine chamber. This will help avoid swarf collection on one side, but also guarantee much higher life of major machine components like axis slides and ball screws.

P 90 Gear Hobbing Machine -extremely rapid rotation loader means new standards in workpiece change times.

A very rapid rotation loader allows workpiece changing times of less than one second on the example of a planetary gear for automatic transmissions. Depending on the application floor-to-floor times of up to

7.5 seconds can be achieved. Appropriate automation with a stacking cell and robot facilitates customized integration in the production line with maximum autonomy. The automatic system here is of an extremely compact structure, the entire cell occupying less than four square meters. The interface between automation system and cutting machine is affected on the basis of a Profibus link. The short tooling-up times of the automation system means the entire line can be changed over in less than 15 mintues.

√ Maximum productivity from a cutter speed of 12,000 rpm and high axis dynamics.

√ Loading and unloading times in less than one second, floor-to-floor times up to 7.5 seconds.

√ Tooling-up time of the entire line in less than 15 minutes.

√ Integrated inspection station to check part type, part alignment and for re-cutting.

√ Both dry and wet machining possible.

Agilus® 180TH Multi-functional Machine Turning – drilling – hobbing – chamfering and deburring - in a single setup!

The Agilus 180TH features a universal and highly productive multi-functional concept capable of machining shaft and disk-shaped workpieces in a single setup (one-piece flow).

This machine provides state-of-the-art technology and machining processes for all types of cylindrical gears which can be produced by hobbing.

The tool turret for locating fixed or driven tools allows turning, drilling and milling operations as well as hobbing and subsequent generating chamfering and deburring to be performed in the same setting.

The CNC-controlled tailstock enables the machine to clamp a broad range of workpieces with support on both sides to guarantee optimum rigidity during machining. Gleason’s Quik-Flex® workholding concept, the quick-clamp option for the cutting tool and optimal accessibility satisfy requirements for rapid, user-friendly workpiece change.

The Agilus 180TH can be operated in a fully automatic mode in conjunction with one or more turning cells. This innovative concept allows complete manufacturing tasks to be performed on a small, compact footprint.

The Gleason 300GMS® Analytical Gear Inspection System.  Up to 45% faster complete gear inspection.

The new 300GMS – latest addition to the GMS Series of inspection systems (with models available for gears up to 3000 mm in diameter) – was developed specifically to meet the needs of large volume gear producers for a faster, more economical solution for complete gear and even non-gear parts inspection. It is the first GMS to feature the new Windows® 7-based Gleason GAMATM 3.0 (Gleason Automated Measurement and Analysis) applications software suite which, like its GAMA 2.0 predecessor, offers users a highly intuitive user interface and simple input screens for programming of workpiece and cutting tool data. 

Those features, combined with ease of setup, a .NET control system, and movement optimization, reduce the cycle times required for the complete inspection of almost any gear or gear tool by up to 45%.

The 300GMS also features a new-generation Renishaw® 3D probe head to provide maximum accuracy and flexibility for the complete inspection of all kinds of gears and gear-cutting tools.

The 300GMS is equipped with new ergonomically mounted operator workstations and a Gleason Diagnostic Module (GDM) – both designed to greatly improve the operator’s effectiveness at every stage of the inspection process. 

The Gleason Diagnostic Module puts a number of powerful tools right at the operator’s fingertips, including a ‘weather station’ to record temperature and humidity, and video telephony, note pad and voice mail messaging capability, enabling the user to capture video, describe a particular programming issue and transmit it over the internet to others in the customer’s organization or to Gleason for support.

In addition, the 300GMS, like all the systems in the GMS family, offers users the ability to meet a variety of inspection tasks beyond just gear geometry on a single platform, including surface finish and form measurement and even prismatic (CMM) measurement.  

Cutting Tools -Full line of gear-cutting tools from a single source.

Gleason supplies virtually every type of cutting tool for the production of cylindrical and bevel gears. Enjoy the benefits that Gleason can offer you as a supplier of the complete range of gear-cutting technologies and services. Our cutting tool specialists are familiar with the requirements of the process chains in modern gear production, enabling us to optimize your full range of cutting tools required from start to finish.

Our range of products for bevel gear cutting includes tools for cutting and grinding straight, spiral and hypoid bevel gears. For cylindrical gear cutting, we offer hobs, form relieved milling cutters, shaper cutters, chamfering and deburring tools, shaving cutters, honing tools, coated diamond and CBN grinding wheels, diamond dressing wheels and diamond dressing rolls and as a special highlight the Power Skiving Tools.

Workholding Solutions –Workholding expertise combined with gear-cutting competence.

Who is more familiar than Gleason with gear-cutting industry requirements for holding and clamping workpieces? Gleason designs and manufactures complete series of quick-change workholding equipment for all kinds of bevel gear and cylindrical gear machines.

Examples from our extensive product range:

√ Changeover times are reduced by up to 70% by Gleason X-Pandisk® fixture systems, which
automatically align workpieces weighing up to 2,000 kg, providing for a consistent machining process.

 √ For large components, we also supply pallet-based set-up table systems which allow set-up to be performed in parallel with primary production. Your machine continues to produce while a new workpiece is being prepared.

√ Our Quik-Flex® and Quick-Change designs offer dramatically reduced workholding change-over times
in the production of bevel and cylindrical gears up to a diameter of 200 mm. The basic modules stay in the machine permanently while intelligent quick-change systems ensure a changeover with perfect concentricity and no need for further alignment.

√ On measuring machines, our Gleason-LeCount® expanding arbors are a leading solution. They are easy to handle, allowing extremely quick clamping of any parts with bores for measurement of gears. Also available for production applications.

Service organization: Gleason Global Services

You can rely on our more than 250 factory trained professionals serving more than 50 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia, around the clock to support your needs. Who better than Gleason Global Services to keep you in production with a complete range of flexible services and support.

Services: Full range of services including Machine Inspection/Troubleshooting/Repair, Service  Programs, Preventive Maintenance, Machine Relocations and Reinstallation, Recertification, Gleason Connect® Remote Services.  

Service parts: Rapid deployment from 8 global stock locations.

Training: Industry’s largest array of training programs available to support
customers globally.

Service programs: Available in a variety of customized levels.

Application development: Solutions to optimize manufacturing processes.

Equipment upgrades: Comprehensive solutions to enhance productivity and
lower your total cost of ownership.

Gleason Connect® remote services  Designed for rapid response, anywhere, anytime.

24 hours a day, 7 days per week: After-hours coverage to keep Gleason
machines up and running.

Sustainability is a major corporate goal

Throughout the Gleason organization, numerous sustainability initiatives are underway to help customers meet their sustainability objectives too. Gleason’s sustainability initiatives are geared to our global objective (25% of consumable products contain recycled content, are rated “green” i.e. environmentally friendly and/or are biodegradable).

Gleason as an environmentally conscious partner:

√ Reduced carbon footprint and therefore a reduction in the greenhouse effect.

√ Conservation of natural resources through decrease in the customer's energy consumption.

√ More productive machines and thereby reduction in the customer's production costs.

√ More compact machines with smaller footprint and thereby smaller production area at customers plant.    

Technical support for the Total Solution

Reduced development cycles for new technologies are putting gear producers under increased pressure to innovate and remain competitive; consequently, they are forever facing new challenges, making the appropriate application of new technologies a key factor in any company’s success.  Highly-qualified Gleason engineers and application specialists offer every customer the perfect solution to suit individual requirements. Intensive close collaboration with our customers guarantees that the process technologies consistently continue to develop cutting-edge solutions.

As “The Total Gear Solutions Provider”, we are ready and prepared to address ever-changing customer requirements, and we consider technical consulting an important component of our corporate strategy and of our value to the customer.                                                                                                                                 

Gleason provides its customers with:

√ Gear design software

√ Technical consulting

√ Process optimization to include machines, tools and workholding equipment

√ Tool designs

√ Prototyping and development support for new jobs on our machines
   for specific technologies

√ On-site support.

Gleason Corporation’s mission is to be The Total Gear Solutions Provider™ to its global customer base. Gleason is a world leader in the development, manufacture and sale of gear production machinery and related equipment as well as service support.

The Company’s products are used by customers in automotive, truck, aircraft, agriculture, mining, windpower, construction, power tool and marine industries and by a diverse set of customers serving various industrial equipment markets.

Gleason has manufacturing operations in Rochester, New York; Rockford, Illinois; Dayton, Ohio; Munich and Ludwigsburg, Germany; Studen, Switzerland; Bangalore, India; and Suzhou, China and has sales and service offices throughout North and South America, Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region.

For further information at EMO Hanover, please contact Mssgrs. Ralf Nierlein, Günter Schmidt or Michael Vranic at Booth A43 in Hall 26.

Further information can be obtained from:

Gleason Sales (Germany), Daimlerstrasse 14, D-71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany,

Tel.: +49-(0)7141-404-455 (Günter Schmidt), Fax: +49-(0)7141-404-500,

e-mail: or our website