Dic 4, 2008

Faster, more flexible hard finish grinding of cylindrical gears with diameters up to 160mm is now possible with introduction of the Gleason’s new Genesis® 160TWG Threaded Wheel Grinder. The 160TWG features an exceptionally high-speed cam-driven double grip loader that helps the 160TWG cut floor-to-floor times without the need for the considerably more complex designs available on the market. The 160TWG speeds setup times by integrating a stock dividing sensor right into the grinding head, so stock dividing is done fast and automatically using the machine’s NC motions, rather than relying on typical time-consuming manual adjustment.

In addition, the 160TWG gives users a host of dressing systems to choose from to meet the need for either maximum dressing speed, or maximum flexibility: 

  • For high volumes and maximum productivity, a patented diamond-plated master dressing system is available, integrated into the clamping fixture and capable of dressing the latest multi-start grinding wheels in 10-20% less time than with conventional dressers.
  • For exceptional flexibility, a CNC Dressing Unit, with a single-flank dressing tool can be used, featuring new Gleason contour dressing software and precise axis motions to create any profile modification (e.g. tip or root relief, pressure angle modification or crowning) to the grinding wheel. This dressing process is similar to those used on Gleason Profile Grinders.
  • A conventional CNC Dressing Unit is available with a double-flank dressing gear to simultaneously dress both flanks.

The  use of powerful SIEMENS CNC, direct-drive spindles and Gleason proprietary software all combine to give the 160TWG a unique capability to produce a higher quality, quieter gear.  For example, users will benefit from the 160TWG’s patented anti-twist capability to compensate for, or control, undesirable flank twist.  And they can take advantage of Gleason’s VRM grinding process (patent pending) to produce much quieter gears by making subtle kinematic adjustments in the grinding process. 

The 160TWG  is the latest in the family of gear production equipment from Gleason called Genesis®.  All of the Genesis machines share a common platform: a single-piece frame cast from an advanced polymer composite material, which can be made more accurately and with inherently more rigidity than conventional cast-iron assemblies.  This platform design also ensures a small, compact machine footprint and enables the user to install and re-locate the machine with no special lifting equipment or special foundations.

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