Mechanical Maintenance - Gear Honing

Tecnología Máquina de Engranajes
Nivel Avanzado, Experto
Proceso Honing de Engranajes
Curso número C-SH20
Duración de la clase 2-3 days (based on machine availability: at Gleason before machine shipment; or at customer’s facility – TBD/quoted)
Número de participantes 3-6
Ubicación de la formación Ubicación del Cliente, Querétaro, México, Studen, Switzerland, Suzhou, China, Nagoya, Japón
Price Tags Price on Request

Mechanical Maintenance - Gear Honing

A complete understanding of the maintenance of major components of the Gleason Honing machines. Familiarity with troubleshooting techniques, component removal and reassembly of machine components.


▪ The frame, pivot and root angle slide.
▪ Horizontal and vertical slides.
▪ Radial slide and workhead.
▪ Machine spindles.
▪ All axis ballscrews, gearbox and encoders.
▪ Review of hydraulic, pneumatic and coolant systems.
▪ All aspects of machine gauging.


At Gleason or at customer’s facility.


Upon Completion

A certificate is issued with successful completion.



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