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e-transformation in mobility and transport industries creates new challenges and opportunities for manufacturers of highly efficient drives and transmissions. The absence of motor sound makes transmission noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) more evident than ever. Perfectly quiet gears require optimized gear designs and manufacturing processes with quality control adapted to NVH characteristics. This is what we do.

Start-Up Right

KISSsoft® Gear and Transmission Design Software includes tools critical to robust e-drive transmission design, improving power density and noise behavior. KISSsoft and Gleason close the loop between design and manufacturing with feasibility checks early in the design process, eliminating the risk of expensive adaptions in the manufacturing process and finding the optimum process to produce your specific gear.

Tailored to e-Drive Gears

Gleason offers a complete manufacturing system for e-drive transmission gears depending on gear design, required productivity and/or flexibility. Solutions include manufacturing processes for specific workpiece geometries like stepped pinions with tight timing tolerances or excellent surface qualities. Gleason provides all required processes including Closed Loop process optimization.

"Ghosting" Not Allowed

Advanced Waviness Analysis is the key factor for understanding high frequency noise issues. Gleason offers comprehensive tools for e-drive noise analysis based on standard tactile and 3D topographical inspection results, with analytical metrology systems located in the lab or on the production floor.

Gear Noise Analysis

100% Documented Quality

Gleason's unique in-process, non-contact analytical inspection and roll-testing of the entire output combined with automated Closed Loop correction ensure that gears stay within tight tolerances – all the time.

We Make it Simple

There is a wealth of options available for e-drive transmission gear manufacture. With Gleason, you enjoy the great advantage that all design, manufacturing and inspection elements work together in a seamless way. We can advise you on the best process to choose, so you get a highly efficient and quiet gearbox, without "trial & error".

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