Coniflex Cutter System

Used to manufacture straight and bevel gears and clutches. One piece design in sizes up to 229 mm (9”). Inserted blade design for 381 mm (15”) cutter diameter. Two interlocking cutters are required per machine.

Revacycle Flo-Cut Cutter System

A circular broach-style (PM-HSS) cutter used for high-volume manufacture of straight bevel differential gearing. Unique side profile relief design optimizes coolant flow to enhance chip disposal and improve performance.

Hardac III Face Milling Cutter System

Adjustable in both, angular and radial plane, Hardac® III inserted-blade HSS cutters are used for completing or finishing. Rigid design enables the completion of spiral and hypoid pinions and gears directly from solid blanks.

Solid Face Milling Cutter System

Highly productive solution for both completing and finishing operations, with blade and cutter body made as one integral unit (PM-HSS).

Crown Cut Face Milling Cutter System

A simple, easy-to-use solid (PM-HSS) cutting system for completing, roughing and finishing of larger spiral and hypoid gears. A rigid one-piece construction reduces assembly time down to just one or two minutes.

RIDG-AC Roughing Face Milling Cutter System

An inserted-blade HSS face milling cutter designed for high volume pinion and gear roughing operations.

Helixform Finishing Face Milling Cutter System

A highly productive single-cycle finishing cutter with alternate inside and outside HSS cutting blades arranged in broach fashion.

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