Innovative Technologies for Profile Grinding Machines

The combination of important technologies plays a decisive role in achieving best qualities while maintaining high productivity. Gleason has been setting the benchmark in profile grinding of gears for decades.

Wide Range of Applications

Machines can be configured from a wide range of external and internal grinding heads in various power and torque classes, as well as different grinding wheel diameters to cover all gear-related applications.

Twist Controlled Profile Grinding

Gleason's patented double flank, twist controlled profile grinding can also be used for internal grinding without an additional Y-axis.

Runout and Wobble Compensation

Time-consuming alignment of large and heavy workpieces on the machine table can be drastically reduced by the patented runout and wobble compensation.

Stock-Specific Grinding

Stock-specific grinding avoids air grinding caused by hardening distortions, especially during the first grinding cycles.

Faster, Less Wear, No Burn

Innovative infeed strategies such as the patented A(X) and degressive grinding ensure uniform material removal along the entire profile for short grinding times, better wear behavior of the grinding wheel, and high process reliability to prevent grinding burn.

Smart Dressing

Time-consuming basic dressing for initial or reprofiling of a grinding wheel is drastically shortened by the use of "Smart Dressing".

Worm Grinding

Worms can be ground efficiently and precisely on all Gleason Profile Grinding Machines up to 1200 mm.

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