Integrated Cutter Resharpening for Consistent Quality and Significantly Reduced Tool Cost

Fully Integrated Solution

The machine axes are positioning the cutter to the grinding wheel. The integrated cutter resharpening unit executes the grinding strokes while the cutter performs the infeed and the indexing from tooth to tooth. Available for vertical Power Skiving Machines up to 600 mm in workpiece diameter.

Avoiding Frequent Tool Changes

Cutter resharpening in the machine eliminates frequent tool changes and subsequent, first part inspection cycles. It also greatly reduces operator involvement. This feature is especially beneficial for the manufacture of medium to large workpiece batches.

Constant Quality Results

After the initial corrections based on the first gear cut, a constant gear quality is easily maintained throughout the complete tool life. The frequency of the resharpening cycles can be chosen depending on the gear quality required.

Reduced Tool Cost

Tool cost-per-piece is considerably lower compared to external reconditioning. With just a few cutters in safety stock, tool inventory is reduced by several factors while tool handling and logistics cost are minimized.

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