Closed Loop 

The Gleason Closed Loop ensures the direct transmission of measured data from the metrology system to the production machine with auto-corrective feedback. It is part of the standard repertoire of Gleason Gear Metrology Systems.

Optimum Results

Gleason Gear Metrology Systems and Gleason Hard Finishing Machines work closely together to produce optimum results.

Twist-Controlled Grinding Made Easy

With the Closed Loop functionality between Gleason GX Series Threaded Wheel Grinding Machines and Gleason GMS Gear Metrology Systems, even complicated flank corrections can be realized easily.

In-Process Gear Inspection

Gleason’s HFC Hard Finishing Cell goes one step further incorporating Closed Loop technology with all auxiliary processes for a truly seamless production flow. The HFC features threaded wheel grinding, washing, marking, in-process inspection with optional gear noise analysis, all connected by integrated automation with workpiece storage.

Meet the HFC

GAMA Networking

Gleason’s versatile GAMATM Software on metrology machines and on-board measuring systems of production machines provides identical diagrams as well as easy and direct feedback of correction values. Data is transferred directly, simple and fast.

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