Heat Treat and Quench Machine Training Now Available

22º out. 2014

Gleason is pleased to announce the start of a new Training Class, Heat Treat and Quench Machine Training which will be presented at The Gleason Works in Rochester, New York, USA.

This three day course covers the effects that heat treating methods and practices have on the microstructure and properties of steel alloys.  Students will learn about the metallurgy of steel and the impact that heat treating time, temperature, and quenching method have on microstructure, properties, and distortion.  This course will provide an in-depth presentation on press quenching and a detailed description of the parameters that affect this specialized quenching technique.  The last half day will be spent on the production floor with the instructors and shop personnel for a demonstration of how the press quench is actually used.  Through this course students will learn the following:

  • The common metallurgical phases and microstructures found in steel alloys.
  • Understand what elements are used in different steel alloys, as well as their purpose and influence on properties.
  • Read the iron-carbon phase diagram and time-temperature-transformation diagrams.
  • Describe in detail the thermal cycles used for annealing, normalizing, through hardening, tempering, case hardening, and surface hardening processes.
  • Relate austenitizing temperature, time, quench or cooling rate, and steel composition to the resulting steel microstructure and properties.
  • Describe the factors that influence steel hardness, wear characteristics, toughness, and distortion.
  • Explain common problems encountered during heat treatment such as distortion, and how quenching can be utilized to minimize it.

For class scheduling and registration, please contact Rick Lawton, Gleason Rochester Training Coordinator telephone 585-256-6688.