Gleason to Demonstrate New Solutions for Advanced Gear Production at IMTS 2016

20º jun. 2016

Gleason will demonstrate brand new solutions in advanced gear manufacturing technology on Booth #N-7000 at IMTS 2016, covering a wide array of processes for the complete production and inspection of all types of bevel and cylindrical gears. Among the technologies to be exhibited are:

Genesis® 260GX – New Threaded Wheel Grinding Powerhouse

The 200/260GX machines are the most recent addition to our Genesis® machines series. The GX series features a two spindle concept for maximum productivity with minimized idle and set up times. The 260GX applies the latest grinding process technology featuring twist control and polish grinding for mirror-like surfaces of workpieces. The easy software-guided setup of the machine allows operators to change from one workpiece to another within 20 minutes using only one tool. With the Gleason "First Part Cycle" operators actuate a fully automatic workflow from setup until grinding the first workpiece. Integrated automation made by Gleason, the ability to interface with Gleason GMS® machines via QR code and excellent tooling solutions make this machine a comprehensive and worry-free solution from one source.

Hard Power Skiving – the Breakthrough in Fine Finishing of Internal Gears

Witness Hard Power Skiving on the Gleason 300PS for the first time at IMTS. Only Gleason offers a tailored solution to your workpieces including extraordinarily stiff machines, modular workholding and the right tools to meet the high requirements of the process. The Gleason Power Skiving Simulation Software depicts the cutting cycle for every cut and ensures that cycle times are minimized and tool life is maximized.

500CB Cutter Build Inspection Machine for Automatic, Accurate and Repeatable Builds

Another premiere is the 500CB which is shown for the first time outside the Gleason premises. The 500CB delivers more accurate and highly automated build, truing and inspection of all types of stick-blade bevel gear cutters with automated closed-loop blade positioning for better gear quality and maximum tool life.  The 500CB also automatically controls the tightening of the blade clamp screws, consistently applying the correct torque, without the previously required operator intervention.

Genesis® 400HCD Gear Hobbing Machine with new Integrated Chamfering/Deburring Solution

The newest addition to the Genesis® line of hobbing machines features a newly developed time-parallel chamfering process. With this new solution customers will chamfer medium-sized gears more economically and with greater flexibility than ever before. Designed for dry hobbing, the 400HCD exploits the benefits of the latest cutting tools employing high-speed spindles and a very rigid structure. The 400HCD is equipped with the new Gleason Operator Software Package for easy and efficient operation of the machine including many new features.

GMSL – The new Gleason Multi Sensor Metrology System

The brand-new GMSL series of machines offers the latest advancements in metrology systems within a compact and smart design. The new system features six axes of motion for gear and complex form measurement with options like integrated Barkhausen inspection capability and/or surface roughness measurement as well as new, state-of-the-art, full-form, scanning capability. The ability to integrate multiple sensors on a common platform offers the capability of several machines in one system.

New Tool and Servicing Solutions at IMTS 2016

Gleason will present its complete gear manufacturing tool program including modern tool servicing concepts with integrated connectivity via RFID. Products featured will include tool materials like G90 and advanced carbides, optimized with the latest wear coatings. Power Skiving Tools are now available in solid carbide and with inserted blades for the exciting Hard Gear Power Skiving process. For bevel gears Gleason will show the innovative Pentac®Plus RT cutter head which makes blade setup and checking more reliable and faster than any current solution on the market. Gleason will also present its latest line of hard finishing tools including dressing tools for grinding and honing applications.

Advanced Workholding Solutions

Quik-Flex® Plus, Gleason’s next generation of modular, quick-change workholding systems requires a single tool, less time and minimal operator experience.  Customers are invited to stop by and participate in the Gleason Quik-Flex®Plus Challenge to experience how easy it is to change the modular components.

Gleason will also demonstrate its line of hydraulic workholding solutions. The holding force, extreme accuracy and contamination free designs are well suited for dry gear processing applications.  The new Gleason Stir-Able Modular Workholding designs allow off-spindle assembly and truing, reducing changeover time as well as the amount of total run-out in the fixture.

Gleason Automation Systems with Modular, Integrated Solutions

Gleason Automation Systems specializes in the design and manufacture of factory automation systems serving a variety of customers in the automotive and other industries. Gleason will present the modularity of its automation systems with 2 different solutions including the compact DS1200 automation unit with integrated secondary processes as an accurate, reliable alternative to costly, operator dependent, conveyor automation. This compact system, which is compatible with most machine tools, uses robotic technology for loading and unloading. Its secondary operations capability allows this system to function as a versatile work cell, further enhancing productivity.

Gleason Global Services Shows its Complete Service Offering

Gleason Global Services is the leading source of gear technology knowhow and education.  Gleason trainers will be promoting the full range of training classes ranging from beginner levels to the most advanced expert topics.  Gleason Global Services will present its range of performance upgrades, modernization programs and tooling services, including practical examples.

Gleason Plastic Gears for Stronger, Quieter Gears

Gleason Plastic Gears will showcase its capabilities in plastic gear design and injection molded plastic gears including bevel and cylindrical gears, helical and spur gears, planetary and internal gears. Gleason Plastic Gears provides customers with the benefit of a plastic gear with no weld-line for a stronger, more accurate, and economical drive train, eliminating the additional expense of secondary machining. Our experts will be at the show to address all questions you may have.


Gleason is a leader in the development, manufacture and sale of gear production machinery and related equipment and automation solutions. The Company’s products are used by customers in automotive, truck, aircraft, agriculture, mining, energy, construction, power tool and marine industries and by a diverse set of customers serving various industrial equipment markets. Gleason has manufacturing operations in the United States, Brazil, Germany, Switzerland, India, China and Japan, and has sales and service offices throughout North and South America, Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region. 

For further information please contact:

Christian Albrecht, Director Global Marketing
Gleason Corporation
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