Gleason Offers Profile Grinding Capability on Threaded Wheel Gear Grinding Machines

26º mar. 2013

Gleason Corporation announced today the availability of a Profile Grinding option for its 300TWG Threaded Wheel Grinding Machine. 

Gleason’s 300TWG has been the ideal machine for customers who demand the high levels of productivity and flexibility provided by the threaded wheel grinding process, especially for medium to large size batch production.  Now with the addition of a profile grinding option, the machine is also well-suited to smaller batch and high-precision production, making the 300TWG a truly universal gear grinder.  The combination of the two processes covers the full range of production possibilities.

Dr. Antoine Tuerich, Director of Product Management - Profile and Threaded Wheel Grinding Solutions remarked “With the integration of the new dressable profile grinding option, the already successful 300TWG Threaded Wheel Grinding Machine becomes more flexible than ever before, allowing the configuration of this machine to meet nearly any customer requirement.  Depending on the customer’s application, it may be used either as a threaded wheel or a profile grinding machine. User-friendly, graphically supported software simplifies the process, yet offers a high degree of sophistication and control.”