Gleason Metrology Systems to Demonstrate Improved Measurement Capabilities at Control Show May 14-17

7º maio. 2013

Gleason Metrology Systems will demonstrate their latest advances in gear measurement technology at Control 2013, May 14-17 in Stuttgart, Germany.  Among the new technologies exhibited in our booth will be:

Surface roughness measurement.  Users of the Gleason GMS® series of Analytical Gear Inspection systems now have a fast, easy and effective way to perform a wide range of surface roughness measurements on cylindrical gears with diameters larger than 200 mm, 2.5 module and up.

The many capabilities and ease of operation inherent in the Gleason GMS series mean that surface roughness measurements can be performed faster and more accurately to help reduce downtime and cost.  Users benefit from a host of capabilities unique to the GMS including:

  • Full integration with GAMA™2.0. Surface roughness measurement is greatly enhanced by integrating setup, programming and measurement into GAMA 2.0 Windows® “object oriented” applications software suite.
  • Multiple measurement parameters. The GMS can easily support the use of multiple styli to meet DIN, ISO an ANSI parameters for the most common surface roughness measurements.
  • Fast, reliable dual calibration.  Calibration using a certified roughness artifact (Ra = 2-3 µm) and position calibration according to a calibration ball is a faster process with better reproducibility and no need for a test piece, which significantly speeds up and simplifies the adjustment process.

Barkhausen noise analysis.  Gleason GMS series now have an easy and effective way to apply advanced Barkhausen noise analysis technology for the inspection of cylindrical gears and other parts for surface hardness and residual and compressive stresses.  This non-destructive method can be used to evaluate a variety of work piece surface modifications that can occur after common finishing and hardening processes such as grinding, carburizing and induction hardening.

This proven process is even better and easier to use when performed on a Gleason GMS system:

  • Fully integrated with GAMA 2.0 Barkhausen measurement is greatly enhanced by integrating setup, programming and measurement into GAMA 2.0 Windows® “object oriented” applications software suite.
  • Multiple Measurement Protocols.  A GMS with GAMA 2.0 can easily support multiple measurement protocols.  For example the system can be set up to measure for and detect “grind burn” by comparing measurements pre- and post-grinding.  The system could also be programmed to create a map of a complete tooth flank for surface hardness analysis. These multiple measurement profiles provide additional flexibility for your operations allowing you to leverage your technology investment.

Gleason Metrology Systems has more than 1,000 gear measurement systems already installed, available in a wide variety of applications for work piece diameters up to 3 meters. Gleason Metrology Systems also offers a wide range of other products to its gear sector customers worldwide.

Gleason Corporation aims at being the “Total Gear Solutions Provider™” for its customers around the globe. Gleason is the world market leader in developing, manufacturing, and selling machines for making all types of gears and related parts. Gleason products are used by customers in the automotive and utility vehicle industries as well as the aviation industry, farm machinery production, mining, the wind power industry, building trades, the electric vehicle sectors, and the ship building industry, as well as many other types of users in a variety of markets that supply these industries. Gleason has production sites in Rochester, New York, Rockford, Illinois, and Dayton, Ohio, USA; Ludwigsburg and Munich, Germany; Studen, Switzerland; Bangalore, India; and Suzhou, China. It has sales and customer service locations throughout North and South America, across Europe, and in the Asia-Pacific region.

For further information while visiting the Control trade fair in Stuttgart please contact Messrs. Günter Schmidt, Kevin Streicher, or Klaus Deininger, Booth 3308 in Hall 3.

To request information before and after the fair, contact: Gleason Sales (Germany), Daimlerstrasse 14, D-71636 Ludwigsburg, phone: +49-(0)7141-404-358 (Mr. Streicher), fax: +49-(0)7141-404-500, e-mail:, or visit our website: