Gleason Helps China’s Zhejiang Shuanghuan Driveline Co.Ltd. Meet Its Ambitious Goals.

17º jun. 2014

China’s Zhejiang Shuanghuan Driveline Co., Ltd.’s vision is to be the leading gear and shaft manufacturer in the world. Since its establishment in 2006, the company has taken enormous strides, and made similarly large investments, toward meeting this objective. The company’s Jiangsu Shuanghuan division, for example, operates from a modern new 350,000 sq. meter plant that includes a “Spiral Bevel Gear Manufacturing Workshop” – with 15 new Gleason bevel gear production machines for the production of bevel gearsets ranging from 3 to 15 module. Customers include some of the world’s best-known truck and off-highway vehicle
manufacturers. Jiangsu Shuanghuan’s investment in a complete system of Gleason bevel gear production machines and inspection equipment, all with the potential to work together in a ‘closed-loop’ system, is designed to meet fast-growing demand for faster, more efficient production of spiral bevel gear sets produced to quality levels as high as AGMA 12.

For production of gearsets as large as 600 mm in diameter, six Gleason Phoenix® 600HC Bevel Gear Cutting Machines have been installed. These CNC machines, as compared to the manual machines using the traditional five-cut face milling process found in many bevel gear production environments, are much more productive. They are designed as well to take advantage of the latest Gleason cutter systems for highly productive dry machining.

For smaller gears up to 280 mm in diameter, Jiangsu Shuanghuan has invested in new Gleason Phoenix® 280C Bevel Gear Cutting Machines – the most productive machines of their class. They feature, for example, the first tool-less cutter and
workpiece changeover, so the operator can quickly and easily replace a cutter system and change workholding.

Finally, a Gleason 600HTT Roll Tester and Gleason 650GMM Analytical Gear Inspection System perform testing and complete inspection. They can be easily networked to the Gleason production machines through the Gleason Expert Manufacturing System (GEMS), a collection of design analysis and closed loop corrective software tools that work together to greatly improve the speed and efficiency of gear development and production as compared to the slow, methodical trial and error methods of the past.

Gleason 280C Bevel Gear Cuttng Machine