Gleason e-Drive Days

9º mar. 2022


Three days, one goal – the way to the perfect e-drive transmission

Join Gleason's special online event to learn about design, manufacturing and inspection of e-drive gears. The three day event features one topic per day addressing the specific requirements and challenges of e-drive transmission manufacture, with particular attention to minimizing gear noise.
The e-Drive Days are the perfect experience for newcomers and experts alike, showcasing latest developments in design, simulation, cutting and hard finishing, as well as suitable inspection and analysis tools to achieve most efficient and quiet gears.
The topics presented in the e-Drive Days are:

April 26, 2022: Design of e-Drive Gears
High rpm’s, reversal of load direction, low vibration excitation, high contact ratios, increased risk of scuffing, deformed housings ... the design, optimization and service life calculation of gears for e-drives is a world of its own. The presentation shows how the individual requirements can be covered by the choice and variation of the gear geometry. Parameters such as material selection or heat treatment are deliberately ignored to concentrate on gear geometry optimization, which is readily accessible to the designer. Three dimensions are addressed: macro geometry, modifications and flank waviness. The presentation is rounded off with the peculiarities of strength calculation in case of frequent changes in torque direction as – for example – in torque-time series.

April 27, 2022: Manufacturing of e-Drive Gears
E-drive transmissions are different than conventional transmissions, creating new challenges for manufacturing processes. This webinar showcases processes for soft and hard finishing of typical gears in e-drive transmissions. Featured processes include hobbing, chamfer cutting, shaping, Power Skiving, gear honing and threaded wheel grinding, including the appropriate tool technology.

April 28, 2022: Gear Noise Evaluation by Analytical Inspection and NVH Roll Testing
Gear noise has become a challenge in automotive e-drives and other applications with extremely demanding gear characteristics. Understanding gear noise in general is the foundation for tracing critical noise sources as a base for counter measures. This seminar provides a basic understanding of the origin of gear noise, the possibilities of analytical measurement and NVH roll testing of cylindrical gears with special software and hardware technologies.

Participation in the e-Drive Days is free of charge. Each of the three topics is presented live three times per day to accommodate different time zones globally. The event is held in English language. Participant data of seminars is treated confidentially and will not be published.
Choose the topic you are interested in join all three days, at the time of your disposal.

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