Gleason Brings Advanced New Gear Production, Inspection and Service Technologies to EMO

30º ago. 2017

A wide array of new machine and tooling technologies for the production and inspection of cylindrical and bevel gears, as well as significant new service capabilities, will be on display this year at EMO.



July 31, 2017, Rochester, New York (USA)


Gleason will demonstrate a host of advanced machines, tooling, software and global customer support services at EMO 2017 in Hannover, Germany September 18-23, Hall 26, Booth D82. 

Among the most noteworthy of the new technologies is the versatile Gleason 300GMSL Inspection System which, in addition to conventional tactile probing, also offers non-contact laser sensor scanning of tooth flanks to support gear development. Complete topography data can be recorded far more rapidly than with conventional tactile probing, with comparable results.

 The integration of laser scanning and associated 3D graphics with CAD interface considerably expands both the functionality and the range of applications for this machine platform, making the 300GMSL the ideal solution for research and development applications for both prototype and production parts or when reverse engineering is required.  It can easily accommodate spur and helical cylindrical gears as well as straight, spiral and hypoid bevel gears, all with diameters of up to 300 mm.

Its capabilities also include surface finish measurement and Barkhausen noise analysis to inspect for grind burn. 


Other significant new technologies on display include:


• 100HiC Horizontal Hobbing Machine with integrated chamfering/deburring unit and Gleason Automation to speed production of geared shafts and disc-type workpieces up to 100 mm in diameter and module 3mm. Ideal for one- or two-cut processes for finish

hobbing or to create a quality base for subsequent hard finishing.

• Gleason Genesis GX Series Threaded Wheel Grinding Machines take high-volume, high-quality gear finishing to a new level, with features like single-tool setup, twist-controlled grinding and integrated automation. Our Closed Loop System networks Gleason GMS inspection machines directly to GX machines for fast, reliable, automatic data transfer and corrections.

• 150SPH Spheric Power Honing Machine offers users a faster, more economical hard finishing process. The 150SPH provides high spindle speeds for extremely short machining times for both disk- and shaft-type workpieces, and employs Spheric Honing for software-controlled corrections to tooth flank geometry.

• 500CB Cutter Build Inspection Machine for automatic, accurate and repeatable builds. The 500CB delivers more accurate and highly automated build, truing and inspection of all types of stick-blade bevel gear cutters with automated closed-loop blade positioning for better gear quality and maximum tool life.

• Advanced Cutting Tool Solutions. For cylindrical gear production, you'll find a full array of hobs, solid carbide hobs, shaper cutters, chamfering and deburring tools and Power Skiving tools. Our bevel cutting tool display will feature advanced new bevel gear cutting tools for cutting and grinding straight, spiral and hypoid bevel gears, including Pentac®Plus-RT which can be built faster and more precisely than stick blade cutter systems of the past.

• Advanced Workholding Solutions. Stop by and participate in the Gleason Quik-Flex Plus Challenge to experience how easy it is to change the modular components of this time saving technology.  Also on display:  the brand-new lab workholding systems for prototyping of bevel gears.

• Innovative Software Solutions. Experience GEMS™ (Gleason Engineering and Manufacturing System), the next generation in bevel gear engineering and manufacturing. Also on display will be the latest software release from KISSsoft, (recently acquired by Gleason) design software for gears and power transmission systems.

• Gleason Global Services Goes 4.0. Global Services will present its latest range of performance upgrades, modernization programs and tooling services, including the Gleason Connect product line which integrates Augmented Reality into the service world.  Gleason Fingerprint fits Gleason machines with the required basics to start predictive maintenance data collection and analysis.



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Gleason at EMO 2017 in Hannover, Germany September 18-23, Hall 26, Booth D82