EMO Milan, October 5 -10, 2009

21º ago. 2009

Its range of services makes Gleason the all-around supplier for everything associated with machining gears. Gleason Corporation is the world leader in the development, manufacture and sale of gear production machinery, tooling and related equipment and services. The company’s products are used primarily by the automotive, truck, wind energy, aircraft, agriculture, construction, power tool and marine industries and by a diverse group of customers serving a variety of industrial equipment markets.

Gleason has manufacturing operations in Rochester (New York), Rockford (Illinois) and Dayton (Ohio) in the USA, Plymouth in England, Munich and Ludwigsburg in Germany, Studen in Switzerland, Bangalore in India and in Suzhou, China; it also has sales and service offices throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Gleason leads the way in terms of significant innovations in gear manufacturing. In its 660 sqm booth, Gleason will present the most comprehensive gear manufacturing line in the world. In addition to three world premieres, the company will be exhibiting new product technologies and the latest developments, combining all the know-how and experience in gear production technology that customers have come to expect from Gleason. This experience is reflected in a variety of soft and hard manufacturing processes for the production of both bevel and cylindrical gears, as well as inspection equipment. Our product range is completed by cutting tools, workholding equipment and services, providing customers with a full high-performance set of solutions. In addition, Gleason’s technical expertise as the market leader ensures maximum productivity at a quality to suit requirements.

Take the opportunity to see today the gear production trends of tomorrow! Visit Gleason in Hall 2, Booth E 18/F 21 - we look forward to seeing you!

World premiere: Titan® 1500G

Up to 50% increase in productivity at maximum quality levels achieved by combining threaded wheel and profile grinding.

Gear manufacturers expect modern gear-cutting machines to be able to produce gears with considerably increased productivity while maintaining the highest levels of precision. In the Titan 1500G grinding machine, Gleason is now launching a highly innovative machine which addresses both of these issues.

  • From making an individual part to large-scale production - always the right solution.
    From making individual parts, which requires the greatest possible flexibility at maximum efficiency, the performance of the Titan 1500G can be increased in stages right up to fully-automated large-scale production of gears and adapted to suit users’ individual requirements.
    • Pure profile grinder option (profile depth up to 100 mm)
    • Combined threaded wheel and profile grinder (profile depth up to 35 mm)
    • Automatic tool change
    • Tooling-up table for tooling up during primary production time
    • Automatic workpiece change
  • Advanced profile grinding
    The unique patented option of dual-flank twist-free grinding halves finishing time! A highly dynamic machine concept furthermore reduces non-productive downtime to an absolute minimum. The time required for setting up the workpiece is also reduced to an absolute minimum with the machine recording and automatically compensating for misalignments during the chucking process. Time-consuming alignment is eliminated.
  • Significant reduction in primary production time for workpieces up to module 14
    The combination of threaded wheel and profile grinding allows significant reductions in grinding time of up to 50%. The customary high quality of gears generated by profile grinding, for example, can be achieved on a workpiece with module 14 and a tip diameter of approx. 1500 mm with a 55% increase in productivity. Only the use of threaded wheel grinding combined with profile grinding – a unique feature worldwide – can achieve such convincing results.
  • Dresser - no tooling-up required
    The optional addition of a dresser (patent pending) for the combination of threaded wheel and profile grinding allows dressing for both grinding processes using only one dressing tool. No need to change tools.
  • Automatic tool changer
    • Grinding Wheel change is fully automatic.
    • A coarse roughing wheel and a fine finishing wheel enable previously impossible results to be achieved for a short grinding time combined with highest surface quality, both for the combination of threaded wheel and profile grinding and for pure profile grinding.
    • No interference between tool and workpiece in the entire diameter range. This means both processes can be combined without reservation up to the maximum workpiece diameter of the machine.
  • External Set-up table (option)
    Set-up table allows the next workpiece to be set-up in workholding equipment in parallel with primary production. Zero-point clamping systems ensure maximum precision and repeat accuracy at all times. This significantly reduces machine idle time.
  • Automatic workpiece changer (option)
    Actual workpiece change is very quick and independent of workpiece weight. A zero-point clamping system ensures high reproducibility of workpiece position at all times.
  • Adjustable coolant  nozzles
    Coolant nozzles are automatically adjusted to the decreasing tool diameter resulting from dressing, guaranteeing optimum delivery of coolant straight to the grinding process at all times resulting in thermally safe grinding at maximum productivity.
  • Dialog program
    Depending on the desired end-result regarding grinding time, quality and/or gear modifications, the dialog program generates a proposed optimum process combination for roughing and finishing . The technical cut segmentation is fully automatic and can be accepted or also modified by the user.  The time required for centering and measuring has been significantly reduced by means of modern integrated programming technology, while maintaining the same high quality and reliability. The time required for centering and pitch measurement could be reduced by as much as 50%, tooth trace and profile can be measured up to 25% faster.


Technical Data

Nominal workpiece diameter   1500 mm  
Profile grinding
Grinding spindle drive performance 24 kW 42 kW 63 kW
Maximum grindable profile depth 35 mm 70 mm 100 mm
Grinding wheel speed 6000 rpm 4000 rpm 4000 rpm
Threaded wheel grinding for roughing
Maximum module   14 mm  
Grinding spindle drive performance   24 kW  
Maximum speed of grinding spindle   5500 rpm  


Multi-disc grinding

Up to 40% increase in productivity

World first: dressable profile grinding in several workpiece slots at once.
To enable our customers to derive significant productivity benefits on tried and tested Gleason-Pfauter profile grinding machines as well as on the Titan machine on diameters up to 6,000 mm, multi-disc grinding at EMO is setting another milestone in the hard finishing of large-module gearsup to module 16.

Multi-disc grinding facilitates:

  • Productivity benefits of up to 40% (depending on workpiece characteristics).
  • Greater process reliability as a consequence of more favorable contact conditions between the grinding wheel and the workpiece flank.
  • Superior results in terms of productivity and surface quality from the use of grinding wheels with different grains for roughing and finishing.


World premiere: Phoenix® 280C

Up to 35% increase in productivity at maximum quality level.

Bevel gear manufacturers expect modern gear-cutting machines to be able to produce bevel gears of the required precision with considerably increased productivity. The new Phoenix® 280C from Gleason’s is a significant step forwardin gear-cutting technology.

  • Productivity
    Substantial increase in productivity is effected by integrated part loading system which allow gears to be changed in a maximum of 5 seconds and pinions in a maximum of 7 seconds. Processes such as deburring and spinning-off in wet machining are performed during primary production to eliminate non-productive time.
  • Chamfering and Deburring
    This process is carried out on the optional loading station. Heel and toe can be chamfered and deburred – all during primary production time.
  • Quick change tooling
    Particular attention has been paid to changeover time which has been minimized using quick-change equipment for both cutter bodies and workholding equipment tools. The Phoenix® 280C features the same excellent ergonomic characteristics as its predecessor.
  • Machine features
    While the new machine retains the extremely rigid monolithic column design, there is a new approach to the frame, which is cast from an advanced polymer composite material. This provides significant benefits in terms of thermal stability and damping in particular. Chip evacuation has also been optimized, preventing cutting chip build-up in the work chamber.  The perfect machine for dry cutting.
  • Software
    The Phoenix® 280C has an innovative new user interface suitable for both Fanuc and Siemens control systems.  Machine operation is very simple and the machine can be operated after a short introduction. The operating instructions and videos can be called up to support any troubleshooting required.
  • Integrated measurement
    Tooth flank form and pitch are measured in the machine to help reduce long waiting times in the measuring room. Our customers expect a preliminary test to be performed on the first part before the machine is released for production and this is the next step towards fully-automatic closed-loop production.

Technical Data

Nominal workpiece diameter 280 mm
Spindle speeds:
- tool (C axis) 1200 RPM
workpiece (A axis) 1200 RPM

Maximum cutter diameter:
- face milling 228 mm
- face hobbing 228 mm
- maximum face width 58 mm


EMO premiere: Agilus® 180TH Combined Process Machine

Turning – drilling – hobbing –chamfering and  deburring - in a single setup!

The Agilus 180TH features a universal and highly productive multi-functional concept capable of machining shaft and disk-shaped workpieces in a single setup (one-piece flow).

This machine provides state-of-the-art technology and machining processes for all kinds of cylindrical gears which can be produced by hobbing.

The tool turret for locating fixed or driven tools allows turning, drilling and milling operations as well as hobbing and subsequent generating chamfering and deburring to be performed in the same setting.

The CNC-controlled tailstock enables the machine to clamp a broad range of workpieces with support on both sides to guarantee optimum rigidity during machining.

Gleason’s Quick-Flex® workholding concept, the quick-clamp option for the cutting tool and optimal accessibility satisfy requirements for rapid, user-friendly workpiece change.

The Agilus 180TH can be operated fully automatic in conjunction with one or more turning cells. This innovative concept allows complete manufacturing tasks to be performed within a small, compact footprint.


Disk-shaped workpieces:  
- nominal diameter
180 mm
- width 100 mm

Shaft-shaped workpieces:
- nominal diameter
100 mm
- length
500 mm

Nominal module

3.5 mm

Maximum axial slide travel

600 mm


Spheric® Power Honing Machine 150SPH

Up to 100% increase in productivity

At this year’s EMO, Gleason is presenting the new 150SPH Power Honing Machine with leading-edge Spheric® Honing for finishing hardened spur and helical gears. Its directly-driven honing head with speeds of up to 3,000 rpm, linear drives and up to 10,000 rpm at the workpiece enable this machine to produce automotive gears in half the time previously required. A wide variety of honing tool systems can be used on this machine to satisfy the various requirements of different component geometries, resulting in a significant increase in tool life. Honing of gears is used to achieve low-noise surfaces. Furthermore, honing is also used for machining workpieces which can’t be ground due to interferences.

The latest version of the Spheric® Honing software runs on the Siemens 840D control. In addition to simple, graphically-aided data input, the software also provides process data calculation. In combination with easy-change fixtures and tools, the system could not be any more user-friendly. The integrated loading system reduces loading times and downtimes by up to 70%, and it provides a link to the customer’s own automation concepts. On the basis of many years’ experience in honing, Gleason-Hurth bundles its experience in machine tool engineering, tool design and technology for maximum productivity and quality.


Nominal workpiece diameter 150 mm
Nominal module range 0.5 to 4 mm
Maximum face width 50 mm


EMO premiere:
Analytical Gear Tester SIGMA 1500GMM

Reliability and quality combined with maximum efficiency.

Gleason-M&M Analytical Gear Tester SIGMA 1500GMM with Renishaw® SP80 3D probe head  provides maximum accuracy and flexibility for all kinds of gears and gear-cutting tools. All Gleason-M&M Gear Testers are equipped with the Windows® VB.NET-based GleasonGAMATM software with intuitive user interface. Simple input screens allow for programming of workpiece and cutting tool data.

Additional features

  • Machine built on vibration damping and thermally stable granite machine bed. Maximum stability, even when the heaviest workpieces are being measured.
  • Software-assisted workpiece alignment using the probe head by either a scanning or a discrete-point probing method. For initial alignment, no dial indicator/stand is required.
  • Native Windows® VB.net application GAMA is compliant with all LAN/WAN configurations and is state-of-the-art for connectivity and data transfer in most modern-day factory environments.
  • Internal gears can be measured up to a face width of 450 mm using commercially-available probe extensions. No complex or extensive probe extensions are required.
  • Convenient index and involute on center line measurement methods to improve cycle time and yield the highest pitch/index measurement accuracy results. Base tangent methods are also included in the standard inspection program.
  • Rotary table is driven for the pre-programmed measurement position for measuring large gears. This feature allows for a compact design, saving valuable work space in the inspection lab.
  • Simple programming with “intuitive user interface” programming screens. Measurement can be initiated after input of workpiece parameters only without assignment to any DIN/ISO/AGMA or other standards or quality levels. This facilitates a quick statement about dimensional accuracy without the need for elaborate programming.


Maximum OD
1500 mm
Module range
0.5 - 32 mm
Distance between centers
30 - 1300 mm
Rotary table workpiece capacity
9500 kg


Cutting Tools

All gear-cutting tools from a single source

Gleason supplies virtually every cutting tool for the production of cylindrical and bevel gears. Enjoy the benefit Gleason can now offer you as a supplier of the complete range of gear-cutting technologies. Our cutting tool specialists are familiar with the requirements of the process chains in modern gear production, enabling us to optimize your full range of cutting tools required from start to finish. Our range of products for bevel gear-cutting includes tools for cutting straight, spiral and hypoid bevel gears.

For cylindrical gear-cutting, we have hobs, shaper cutters, chamfering and deburring tools, shaving cutters, honing tools, coated diamond and CBN grinding wheels, diamond dressing wheels and diamond dressing rolls.

OPTI-CUT® gear-cutting tools
Why not benefit from the productivity advantages offered by this advanced replaceable indexable carbide insert technology? The OPTI-CUT® product line includes tools for gear gashing, hobbing and shaping in a range of sizes to meet all requirements.

Everything is possible: roughing or finishing, internal or external gears and a wide range of modules and tooth profiles.


Workholding Solutions

Workholding expertise combined with gear-cutting competence

Who is more familiar than Gleason with gear-cutting industry requirements for holding and clamping workpieces? Gleason designs and makes complete series of workholding equipment for bevel and cylindrical  gear machines. Our adapted designs take account every user requirement.

Examples from our extensive product range:

  • Change times are reduced by up to 70 % by Gleason X-Pandisk® fixture systems which automatically align workpieces weighing up to 2,000 kg and then clamp them for a consistent process.
  • For large components, we also supply pallet-based set-up table systems which allow set-up to be performed in parallel with primary production. Your machine works productively while a new workpiece is being prepared.
  • Our Quick-Flex® and quick-change arbors facilitate significantly reduced fixture change times in the production of bevel and cylindrical gears up to a diameter of 200 mm. The basic modules stay in the machine permanently, while intelligent quick-change systems ensure a changeover with perfect concentricity and no need for further alignment.
  • On measuring machines, our LeCount® expanding arbors are a leading solution. They are simple to handle, allowing extremely rapid location of any parts with bores for measurement of gears.


Around the world, around the clock, keeping your Gleason machines up and running more productively – and more profitably. We are here for YOU!

At Gleason, we recognize that service is as important to our Customers as the technology that makes Gleason machines the most productive in the world.  Our customers enjoy a lasting personal partnership that ensures your Total Gear Solutions are complete. 

Gleason Global Services (GGS) has been created to maximize your uptime.  You can rely on our 250 factory trained service professionals located in over 50 countries throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia to work around the clock to support your needs.  

We realize that you’re only making money when your machines are making parts. Who better than GGS to keep you in motion with a complete range of flexible services and support.  Stay up and running, all the time, anywhere in the world.

Services :

  • Scheduled maintenance and PM contracts
  • Machine inspection / troubleshooting / repair,
  • Relocations and Reinstallation
  • Recertification


  • Service Parts: Global stocked OEM repair parts to reduce downtime.
  • Training: On site, in class, courses from the world leader in gear technology.
  • Application Support: Let the experts improve your process and cycle times.
  • Equipment Upgrades: Upgrades, rebuilds, recondition ensures maximum machine production.
  • Remote Services: Machine monitoring and troubleshooting from anywhere in the world via Internet.

More locations… rapid response… extensive resources and expertise – all available 24/7


Technical support for the Total Solution

Shorter and shorter development cycles for new technologies are putting our customers under increased pressure to innovate and remain competitive; consequently, they are forever facing new challenges. This makes the appropriate application of new technologies a key factor in the future prospects of any company.

With its team of highly-qualified engineers and application specialists, Gleason is able to offer every customer the ideal solution to suit individual requirements. Intensive collaboration with our customers guarantees that the process technology also continues to develop. The test machines at Gleason’s disposal mean that it always has its finger on the pulse of current theory and practice.

As the “Total Gear Solutions Provider”, we deal with constantly-changing customer requirements and consider technical consulting an important component of our corporate strategy.

Gleason provides its customers with:
Gear design software

  • technical consulting
  • process optimization to include machines, tools and workholding equipment
  • tool designs
  • prototyping and development support for new jobs on our machines for specific technologies
  • on-site support.

For further information at EMO Milan, please contact Messrs. Günter Schmidt or Dave Melton at Booth E 18/F 21 in Hall 2.

Before and after the exhibition, information can be obtained from:
Gleason Sales (Germany), Daimlerstrasse 14, D-71636 Ludwigsburg, Germany,
Tel.: +49-(0)7141-404-455 (Mr. Schmidt), Fax: +49-(0)7141-404-500,
e-mail: gschmidt@gleason.com or our website www.gleason.com.