Milestones in Gear Technology


Acquisition of Faessler Gear Honing Business. Establishment of Gleason Switzerland AG with headquarters in Studen and new operations in Bleienbach and Dietikon.

Gear Honing Machines


Gleason-Pfauter Maschinenfabrik GmbH opens its gates to a new technology and production center in Studen/Switzerland. This state-of-the-art facility is one of Gleason's competence centers for automotive gear manufacturing solutions. 

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Gleason Works India inaugurates its new technology and manufacturing center in Bangalore. In the same year, Gleason Works India reveals the new 200SVP Gear Shaving Machine. 

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KISSsoft AG of Bubikon/Switzerland joins Gleason Corporation. KISSsoft's ingenious design and simulation software for gears and transmissions perfectly complements Gleason's existing manufacturing systems and closes the loop on smart factory services. 

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Gleason Corporation acquires the gear cutting tools operations from Hurth Infer, Brazil and becomes Gleason Indústria de Ferramentas Ltda.

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When Gleason acquires Distech Systems Inc., Gleason adds automation solutions into its product portfolio. Gleason Automation Systems offers automation solutions for machine tools including fully integrated systems. 

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Saikuni Machinery Co., Ltd. of Niigata, Japan, specialist for rack manufacturing machines joins Gleason Corporation. In the same year, IMS Koepfer Tool Operations becomes Gleason Cutting Tools. The plant in Eisenbach, Germany focuses on carbide gear cutting tools. 


Gleason Cutting Tools Eisenbach


K2 Plastics becomes Gleason Plastic Gears. The new endeavour grows rapidly meeting the industry demand for high precision plastic gears.  

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Gleason's manufacturing presence in China starts in April 2007 and culminates in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant for gear machines and tools in Suzhou. The new factory participates in Gleason's global manufacturing footprint for local and international supply.

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M&M Metrology Systems joins Gleason Corporation, being renamed Gleason Metrology Systems (GMS). A few years later, GMS presents a completely modernized range of analytical gear inspection machines. Today, GMS leads the industry with game changers like closed loop, shop-floor inspection and laser scanning.

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Hermann Pfauter Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH joins Gleason Corporation. Gleason now offers a complete line of machines, workholding and tools for bevel and cylindrical gear production: Leading to being the Total Gear Solutions Provider.

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Carl Hurth Maschinen und Werkzeuge GmbH becomes part of Gleason Corporation. Gleason-Hurth extends Gleason's gear knowledge to threaded wheel grinding, honing and shaving, including the manufacture of a variety of gear tools.

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Hermann Pfauter patents the gear hobbing process and founds Herman Pfauter KG to build gear hobbing machines. Even today, gear hobbing remains the most productive cutting method in cylindrical gear manufacturing.


1896 marks the founding of Carl Hurth Maschinen und Zahnradfabrik in Munich, Germany. In order to ensure the high quality of parts, Carl Hurth develops his first gear milling machine.


William Gleason founds his first machine shop in Rochester, NY, which evolves into the Gleason Works. In 1874 he invents his first bevel gear planer, which marks the beginning of a new era: the industrial production of gears has begun.

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