KISSsoft Training

Date 26º - 28º fev. 2024
Rochester, NY, USA
The Gleason Works
1000 University Ave.
Rochester, NY 14607, USA
Idioma English
Level Basic, Advanced
Processo Design Software
Organizador Gleason, KISSsoft AG
Class Duration 3 days
Number of Participants 20
Price Tags $1,800 per person

KISSsoft Training
Bevel and Hypoid Gears from Design to Manufacture

Gleason will host a 3-day, comprehensive KISSsoft Training Course at The Gleason Works facility in Rochester, NY. 

This course will give gear design engineers a basic understanding of bevel gear design and strength calculation. Regardless of your preference for dedicated bevel gear manufacturing machines or 5-axis milling centers, we will showcase different cutting methods for straight and helical bevel gears and explain how to define gear geometry, including rough and fine sizing as well as opportunities for optimization via tooth modifications. Supported by KISSdesign, we will take a foray into the calculation of EPG misalignments and show how this process can easily translate into Gleason’s GEMS Gear Engineering and Manufacturing System. Finally, we will dive into the special requirements of differential bevel gears. The course is accompanied by practical examples and small workshops to apply specific solutions “hands-on”.

Schedule and course content

All Class Times: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Lunch: 12:00 AM - 01:30 PM

Cutting Methods and Geometry

  • Cutting methods for straight bevel gears, Face Hobbing, Face Milling
  • Calculation of geometry according to ISO 23509
  • Exercise: Input from a Gleason dimension sheet

Strength Calculation

  • Strength calculation according to different standards such as ISO 10300, AGMA, etc.
  • Other calculations such as scuffing, flank fracture, efficiency, etc.
  • Exercise: Bevel gear strength calculation

Bevel Gears Design and Contact Analysis

  • Design of macro geometry
  • Exercise: Sizing of a hypoid gear pair
  • Design processes for conventional manufacturing and 5-Axis milling
  • Exercise: Topological modification and measurement grid
  • Contact analysis and micro geometry


  • Development of summary in GEMS
  • 3D models, check of contact lines
  • Topological modifications

Bevel Gears in Transmissions

  • Bevel gears in transmissions in KISSdesign
  • Housing deformation, shafts and bearings settings
  • Exercise: EPG and interface to GEMS

Differential Bevel Gears

  • Differential bevel gears: strength rating, webbings
  • Sizing of new designs for forged bevel gears
  • 3D models
  • Development of Coniflex® Pro summary in GEMS


A certificate is issued with successful completion.


Pricing, Hotel and Preparations
The course fee of $1,800 per person ($1,600 for groups of 2+) includes beverages during the seminar and three lunches. Accommodation cost is not included in the course fee. Gleason has negotiated specific accommodation rates for course participants, located close to the Gleason premises. Participants will be required to bring a laptop (please see hardware requirements below), KISSsoft will electronically provide test licenses and training materials prior to the training.


Laptop specifications
To run the program, you require the following computer configuration: Windows 64-bit, Windows 8.1 and higher, Windows N and KN require the installation of Microsoft Media Feature Pack, Windows servers require the installation of Microsoft Media Foundation, Processor at least compatible with SSE2, RAM at least 4 GByte RAM, Screen resolution at least 1280 x 960 pixels, OpenGL 3.2, Windows printer, Memory -hard disk approximately 800 – 3000 MB (depending on extent and requirements).


Registration and Class Size
For registration please use the electronic registration form (Add to Cart). Please provide details of all participants and contact information for billing purposes. We will respond with an order confirmation as your proof for attendance. The class size will be limited to 20, first come, first serve. The deadline to register is Feb 16th, 2024. 


Gleason has negotiated specific accommodation rates for course participants, located close to the Gleason premises. Ask for Gleason Rate:

Courtyard by Marriott Rochester Downtown
384 East Avenue, Rochester NY 14607, USA
Hotel Website
Tel:  +1 585-504-2750


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