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KISSsoft is a leader in software development for gearbox design, loaded tooth contact analysis and optimization, calculation of transmission elements as well as interfaces to CAD and FE software. Internationally recognized calculation standards and a plethora of design and optimization options are based on the experience of customers and our development engineers, ensuring that KISSsoft is always at the forefront of technology.

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Originally designed as in-house calculation software for the Zurich-based gear manufacturer L. Kissling & Co. AG, the use of KISSsoft has spread rapidly since the early 1980s to every sector of the mechanical engineering industry. In response to this demand, KISSsoft AG was founded as independent company in 1998 and is headquartered in Bubikon, Switzerland.

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Sharing knowledge is the guiding ethos of our company. We offer users a wide range of training and education opportunities. In addition to introductory and advanced classes and seminars on specific topics, we provide on-site training for company-specific needs.

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We produce quality software solutions since 1986. Today, we are market leader in general purpose gear design software with some 3000 licenses sold globally.

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