Gear Trainer Webinars until Summer 2022

9. Feb. 2022


Gear Trainer Webinars cover a variety of topics on bevel and cylindrical gear technology, including gear and transmission design, soft cutting and hard finishing, metrology, tools, workholding, software and “smart loop” production systems. The webinars include a mix of different media including live demonstrations of process technologies and software applications.

Gear Trainer Webinars are moderated live by gear technology experts including the possibility to ask questions via the integrated chat. Within 30 minutes, experts get to the bottom of typical challenges, addressing also application-specific questions in the following Q&A session.

Participation in Gear Trainer Webinars is free of charge.

The following Gear Trainers Webinars will take place in the first half of the year 2022:

February 17

Parameters for Successful Gear Hobbing (English)

March 17
Gears for E-Drive Transmissions (English)

March 30
Gears for E-Drive Transmissions (Chinese)

May 12
Understanding Gear Quality – Living up to Tolerances (English)

June 23
KISSsoft – Thermoplastic Crossed Axis Helical Gears: Design, Analysis and Manufacture (English)

June 28
In-Process Gear Inspection for up to 100% Quality Control (Chinese)

June 30
Power Skiving with On-Board Cutter Resharpening – Consistent Quality and Tool Cost Savings (Spanish)

July 14
Bevel Gear Design and Analysis with GEMS - LIVE Demonstration (English)

Gear Trainer Webinars planned in the second half of 2022 will be published in April 2022. Find the right webinar for you and register today directly on the Gleason website: